PROJECTS : Bring Us Closer

(successfully done!)

You think just the way I think. Yes, we are going to celebrate uri boys' birthday! But, wait, we're not going to send a trip to South Korea, but we are going to send your gifts there! Aren't you excited? If you have the creativity to make a card or enough money to buy gifts, send them to us and we're going to send them on your behalf because to send them personally it's quite costly so we're helping you. Don't worry, we'll be taking full care on your stuffs and we won't allow any sabotaging.

This birthday project is to celebrate all the 4 boys' birthday. Why we did this all 4 together? It is because their birth's months are in short gap -__-". Actually this is a long-term project, so you have soooooo much time to prepare your birthday presents to all 4 of them.

Ok, let me tell you something. But first, ya'll know that we have a contest designing our own t-shirt right? Guess what? We will print out the winner's design to the t-shirts and we'll give it to CNBLUE's boys!!!

Then, besides your own presents to give to the boys, do you have any ideas what we can give to them that represents Malaysian FC??
I would suggests our traditional 'baju melayu' for each one of them.
Anything else? (owh, I have my own presents to my baby MinHyuk.. kekekekek)

So, I think that's all for now. We will announce the deadline for this project later. Please please please, give us some ideas for this project, I can't think about it all by myself, and yes we need contributors too. We will update this post from time to time.

Suggest and give your ideas at the comment sections or send us email at

Happy Creating and Happy Sending!!


PROJECT 1 : 1ST GATHERING (successfully done!)