[Post] Minhyuk gonna narrated a documentary movie about stray cats.


As we all knows, Minhyuk were quite obsessed with his cats and now he will narrating the documentary movie 'I Am a Cat'.

FNC Entertainment shared the news on September 2, announcing, 'I Am a Cat', a documentary movie about stray cats in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, has been selected as the opening movie for the 'Animal Film Festival'. Minhyuk, a well-known pet lover who even engaged in a photo shoot with his cats Kkong-dda-dda and Um-chi-chi, happily participated in the film's narration."

Minhyuk also commented, "Narrating 'I Am a Cat' allowed me the time to rethink stray cats as well as other pets. I wish to become helpful in strengthening the culture, where pets and people can socially exist together."

Source : allkpop
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