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Blushed Listening to Yonghwa Oppa Sing the Love Songs

Ever since the moment the “Elle Night” event guest stars list was revealed, phone calls for ticket booking came non-stop. “We want the tickets when Jung Yong Hwa performed, whatever the date!”

At the time of the performance, the die-hard fans went all crazy. And Jung Yong Hwa’s perfect Chinese, stage presence and stunning performance turned many into instant fans. Honestly, why did oppa choose a classic love song that every Chinese knows?

“I don’t know that many Chinese songs. But in the 2015 Guangzhou concert, the fans sang me this song before the encore. I felt so touched at that time. I chose the song and sang to respond to my fans.”

Because of the fans, Jung Yong Hwa has been learning Chinese diligently. Some acquaintances recommended a set of language learning materials for that. So Jung Yong Hwa listens to them 30 minutes to an hour every day, wherever he goes. If you happen to see him wearing headphones, he could be working hard. “My ears have begun to get used to the Chinese language. Slowly I understand more and more.”

Born 1989. Height: 180cm. Zodiac: Cancer (Many are warm-hearted guys) . He is a singer, an actor, and an MC. He plays a bunch of musical instruments: guitar, piano, bass, clarinet… He is super handsome, and very hard working, just a high quality idol. “I began to learn to play the piano when I was six. I’ve learned to play the clarinet too. My mom arranged a lot of classes for me. Music just suits my temperament.” Jung Yong Hwa’s debut was quite unexpected. When he was in high school, a scouter saw his picture taken in a ski resort and looked around for him. Later they found out his music talent and skills. Jung Yong Hwa had not imagined being a star, he just loves making music. “Making music or listening to music has nothing to do with one’s vocation. Music is something that everyone can connect with. Music can also subtly change the ambiance and the mood.”

Jung Yong Hwa composed 27 songs in 2015. He has this habit of writing down notes whenever he is inspired. “I can’t explain where my inspirations come from. They just pop up in my everyday life.” He has released his first solo album, One Fine Day, and held a tour. “As a singer, to be able to stand on the stage to interact with the audience expressing my thoughts and getting the response right away, is the best feeling ever!”

Jung Yong Hwa once said he wanted to talk about music with his future girlfriend. We asked if understanding music is one of the criteria. With warmth in his eyes he shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t understand, I just want her to listen to music. But everybody listens to music? Haha. I can just make her listen to the music I make. That’s enough.” No wonder he has been called a warm guy. He has a mole on the lower corner of his left eye. He likes it most, because people will tell it is him just seeing the eye!

ELLE: What is music to you?
JYH: Making music or listening to music is totally unrelated to one’s vocation. Music is something that everyone can connect to. Music can also subtly change the ambience and the mood. And I’m someone who makes music (laughs).

ELLE: What’s your music goal in 2016?
JYH: To write music that I want to write is my goal.

ELLE: What’s your favorite time writing music?
JYH: I have this habit of writing down notes whenever I’m inspired. Maybe that’s why I can write music smoothly (laughs).

Source: Elle China
Translation: justJYH

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