[Video] Puzzle - Official Music Video


10th Japanese Single by CNBLUE called Puzzle..Talks mostly about wedding and the reality of it.

5月11日発売 10th Single「Puzzle」からのリードトラック「Puzzle」のMUSIC VIDEO公開!!

2016年5 月11日発売

初回限定盤A 品番:WPZL-31175/6 価格:¥2,400(本体)+税
初回限定盤B 品番:WPZL-WPZL-31177/8 価格:¥2,000(本体)+税
通常盤 品番:WPCL- 12358 価格:¥1,200(本体)+税
BOICE限定盤 品番:WPZL-31179/80 価格:¥2,400(本体)+税

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[Video|Post] Lee Jong Hyun for FTV 'Shark'!


씨엔블루 이종현 컴백
FTV '샤크' 출연

씨엔블루 이종현과 신동만 프로의 빅게임 낚시
4월 3일 밤 11시 FTV ‘샤크’
많은 시청바랍니다.

[Trans] CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun comeback!
FTV 'Shark' appeared
Cnblue Lee Jong Hyun and shin dong-only pro of big game fishing
April 3 night from 11 FTV 'Shark'
Many City Hall.
컴백!!! CNBLUE(씨엔블루 이종현)) Cinderella + Can't stop! & FTV 'SHARK' 4.3(일) 23시 한국낚시채널 FTV
신곡 신데렐라와 Can't stop!을 들고 다시 찾아온 CNBLUE(씨엔블루)!!! 씨엔블루의 이종현은 신곡의 성공을 기도하며, 평소 한국낚시채널(FTV)의 SHARK의 열혈 팬이기도 하다. 샤크 신동만과 거제 안경섬을 찾아서 대어 낚시에 나선다. 과연 종현에게 찾아 올 운면의 물고기는 어떤 녀석일지.....

[Trans] The comeback!!! CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun
Cinderella + can't stop! - FTV 'Shark' 4.3 (Sunday) from 23 Korea fishing channel ftv
New songs, Cinderella, and can't stop! And again, and the entire CNBLUE (cnblue)!!! Cnblue's Lee Jong Hyun is the success of divine comedy, the usual, Korea fishing channel (FTV) of the blood of Shark Morales, fans. Shark Shin Dong, and almost my glasses, and the island to see fishing spiral. A servant, and to all for the province of a fish of what the journal..... 
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