[Post] Jungshin confirmed for drama 'Cinderella and Four Knights'

There's been a rumors saying that Jungshin is seemingly set for a new drama entitled 'Cinderella and Four Knights' (the title still in discussion)..Jungshin will playing two cliches at the same time, which is the third generation chaebol and also a top singer...Jungshin will be playing popular singer/songwriter Kang Seo Woo, who is also the heir of Haneul Group.

The drama centers on young people in their twenties and the topics of sincerity, family, friendship, and more. It is based on a novel of the same name from 2011, although the drama was formerly called 'You're The First.'

He will be act together with Park So Dam, who had been confirmed as the female lead that will played Ha Won, the female student working hard at part-time work in order to pay for her college tuition. She gets the offer to do a high-paying part-time work, which leads to her entering the Haneul household, home of the three male cousins of Haneul Group live.

The reports also state that the other confirmed actors of this 16-episode series are Ahn Jae Hyun, Jung Il Woo, Choi Min, and A Pink's Na-Eun.

Are you excited for this new drama..? I am because it's been quite a while since his last drama, The Temptation takes place. So, let's cheer up for this new drama!

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