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Kim Youngdae
At first glance, the simple and light organization of ‘Cinderella’ was a surprise. It’s definitely different from (Yonghwa’s) previous style of composition that used to build the emotions in the beginning and pour them out resolutely toward the end. But it’s a fathomable direction if one remembers ‘Can’t Stop’ which had confirmed Jung Yonghwa’s potential as a songwriter, and his solo album that launched him as a wide-ranging pop musician. (In fact, the potential as a pop band was already revealed in singles released in Japan such as ’feeling’ and ‘In My Head,’ but it seems that the timing was off due to circumstances.) Anyhow, as an album that proclaims pop overall, it showcases diverse genres and approaches, fitting well into the current scene as a result. In ‘Hide and Seek,’ cliched chorus is eliminated and makes way for trendy brass grooves and fluent melody. As for the retro-style ‘Catch Me,’ Jung Yonghwa’s signature chorus melody boasts its heavy texture. The explicit attempt at transformation in terms of composition and arrangement in ’Domino’ is rather refreshing. Next time, can I expect music akin to Passion Pit or M83? 

Rock, gayo, and dance music all have their own languages. This album sets its foot between those uneasy cleavages. It’s not because some of the tracks have embraced “some elements from dance music,” but it comes from the texture of the approach. Rather than desiring to be acknowledged as rock music, it seems as though they’ve already worn “rock” clothes long enough to be familiar with it, then “returned” to gayo elements. Thanks to this, some songs display the old vibes that resemble previous trials of “rock band’s gayo,” but it works unaffectedly instead of the “this sells” type of discomfort. It’s also interesting how the gayo elements of this album rather sound nonchalant rather than employed for popular appeal or an “edgy,” hybrid element.

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