CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun says he likes Red Velvet’s Seulgi on A Song for You

When CNBLUE appears on October 26’s episode of A Song for You, member Lee Jonghyun confesses that he likes the girl group Red Velvet.

First, host Kangin of Super Junior asks the guys what musicians they’d most like to work with. Lee Jungshin says he’d like to work with a hip hop artist, and Lee Jonghyun adds, “A couple years ago, we did a performance together with Double K and Dok2. It was really fun.”

Kangin says, “Okay, but what about a girl group?”

Lee Jonghyun replies, “I don’t know if I should say this,” and Kangin cuts in to joke, “You should say it.”

Lee Jonghyun then confesses that lately, he personally likes Red Velvet. “They were on our show last week!” says Kangin, and then excitedly asks him which member he likes best.

Although Lee Jonghyun tries to avoid answering the question, Kangin doesn’t give up, and eventually Lee Jonghyun quietly replies with a shy laugh, “Seulgi.”

Source: Soompi

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