[Notice] Official Notice from FNC Entertainment

This notice were merely about the "sasaeng fans" who were overly obsessive fans, who are known for tracking every detail of celebrities’ lives..

As we know, our boys were also human..they need their own private time...Admin would like to asked to all Boice's to be considered to them and let them owned their private time also..I've saw an article that say that few fans came over to our leader house for Chuseok...Please guys, be matured..Don't be too obsessive, give them some space...

Jung Yong Hwa tweeted on September 30th, “I’m hesitant to post something like this. I understand your love for me and I’m so grateful. But I wish you wouldn’t come over to my house. My parents were so shocked when they came over for Chuseok. It’s my first time writing something like this. Sorry to post this so late at night. Good night.”

Posted by Sally @ cnbluebeat

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