CNBLUE 2nd Album #2gether TRACK LIST

I bet each and everyone of you were excited to hear all the track in CNBLUE's second album, 2gether. So, in meantime I will share the track list for this album, that will featured CINDERELLA as their main title track.

They said that the album will use pop rock and disco style, so let's wait together for this album! I see there will be Control and Radio songs, I bet that will be the Korean version of the songs.

Don't forget to tuned in on 14th September! By the way, don't forget to check out hashtag #CNBLUE_CINDERELLA for more post.

p/s : 15th September is Jung Shin's birthday! :)


Aisya Ahamad said...

Dh lama dh tak dgr lagu2 Kpop ni. Dgr yg ost drama je la. Hehe

Sally Samsaiman said...

Then you should wait for their new album!