150929 CNBLUE (씨엔블루) No.1 + Encore @ THE SHOW


Credit : SBS The Show
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[Notice] Official Notice from FNC Entertainment


This notice were merely about the "sasaeng fans" who were overly obsessive fans, who are known for tracking every detail of celebrities’ lives..

As we know, our boys were also human..they need their own private time...Admin would like to asked to all Boice's to be considered to them and let them owned their private time also..I've saw an article that say that few fans came over to our leader house for Chuseok...Please guys, be matured..Don't be too obsessive, give them some space...

Jung Yong Hwa tweeted on September 30th, “I’m hesitant to post something like this. I understand your love for me and I’m so grateful. But I wish you wouldn’t come over to my house. My parents were so shocked when they came over for Chuseok. It’s my first time writing something like this. Sorry to post this so late at night. Good night.”

Posted by Sally @ cnbluebeat
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CNBLUE 2gether review by Idology


Kim Youngdae
At first glance, the simple and light organization of ‘Cinderella’ was a surprise. It’s definitely different from (Yonghwa’s) previous style of composition that used to build the emotions in the beginning and pour them out resolutely toward the end. But it’s a fathomable direction if one remembers ‘Can’t Stop’ which had confirmed Jung Yonghwa’s potential as a songwriter, and his solo album that launched him as a wide-ranging pop musician. (In fact, the potential as a pop band was already revealed in singles released in Japan such as ’feeling’ and ‘In My Head,’ but it seems that the timing was off due to circumstances.) Anyhow, as an album that proclaims pop overall, it showcases diverse genres and approaches, fitting well into the current scene as a result. In ‘Hide and Seek,’ cliched chorus is eliminated and makes way for trendy brass grooves and fluent melody. As for the retro-style ‘Catch Me,’ Jung Yonghwa’s signature chorus melody boasts its heavy texture. The explicit attempt at transformation in terms of composition and arrangement in ’Domino’ is rather refreshing. Next time, can I expect music akin to Passion Pit or M83? 

Rock, gayo, and dance music all have their own languages. This album sets its foot between those uneasy cleavages. It’s not because some of the tracks have embraced “some elements from dance music,” but it comes from the texture of the approach. Rather than desiring to be acknowledged as rock music, it seems as though they’ve already worn “rock” clothes long enough to be familiar with it, then “returned” to gayo elements. Thanks to this, some songs display the old vibes that resemble previous trials of “rock band’s gayo,” but it works unaffectedly instead of the “this sells” type of discomfort. It’s also interesting how the gayo elements of this album rather sound nonchalant rather than employed for popular appeal or an “edgy,” hybrid element.

Source: Idology
Trans: justJYH
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[Video] Pikicast – Yonghwa cut


p/s : What are you doing Yong-ah~
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#CNBLUE #Cinderella comeback stage in MCountDown‬


#씨엔블루 #신데렐라 컴백 무대 최초 공개!! 오늘 저녁 6시 Mnet #엠카운트다운 본방사수 잊지 마세요~ smile emoticon

#CNBLUE #Cinderella Comeback stage to be revealed today at 6PM on Mnet #MCountDown !! smile emoticon

사진 출처: 엠카운트다운 공식 트위터

Translation : # CN blue # Cinderella first public stage a comeback!! This evening at 6: don't forget the countdown to this radiation to # Mnet :)

‪#‎CNBLUE‬ ‪#‎Cinderella‬ Comeback stage to be revealed today at 6PM on Mnet ‪#‎MCountDown‬ !! smile emoticon

Photo Source: M.Countdown Official Twitter
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CNBLUE attempt to dance, rap, and say cheesy lines in their hilarious ‘Ask In A Box’ interview!


One of the most popular idol bands, CNBLUE, were the latest guests to take part in 1theK‘s ‘Ask In A Box‘ interview! It’s actually pretty hilarious as they try to do what they’re asked to do, but it’s the effort that counts!

The members take turns asking each other questions, and some of them are pretty random and funny, like what size they think the character Cinderella would have been, and when Jungshin will get abs. The highlight of the interview has to be when Minhyuk tries to show he can dance, Jonghyun tries to raps, and when they all relate their ice cream to Cinderella. Okay fine, so basically the entire video is the highlight.

CNBLUE just made their comeback with their album ‘2gether‘ with their title track “Cinderella“, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t done so already!

Credit to : allkpop

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[Audio] CNBLUE - 2GETHER (Full album)


01 “신데렐라 (Cinderella)
02 “숨바꼭질 (Hide and Seek)
03 “롤러코스터 (Roller Coaster)
04 “Domino” featuring Wheein of MAMAMOO
05 “Hero
06 “Drunken Night
07 “Catch Me
08 “Hold My Hand
09 “Control
10 “Radio
11 “발자국 (Footsteps)

Credit to Onehallyu
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[Video] CNBLUE‬ showcase 2gether

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'Cinderella' will be the theme song for “Bad Guys Always Die” movie


 'Cinderella' will be the theme song for  “Bad Guys Always Die” movie

Korean and Chinese directors/actors

Source: news.cn / mentalshin.com
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[Post] Happy 25th birthday Lee Jung Shin!

15th September 2015
It's our happy virus 25th birthday!

We, CNBLUE Beat Malaysia (@MYCNBLUE) would like to wish a great Happy Birthday to him! May his lucky stars continue to shine and make all of his dreams come true. May he enjoy his day with all the pleasures!

Don't forget to put #HappyJungShinDay25 when you wish his birthday in any social media...Let's trending!

 Picture credit : FNC Entertainment Official Facebook page
Posted by Sally@cnbluebeat
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CNBLUE - 2nd Album '2gether' Highlight medley


Artist : CNBLUE (씨엔블루)
Title : 2gether
Release : 2015. 09. 14
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Yonghwa joins Lee Jong Suk on Chinese program "Happy Camp's - Busan Special"

We previously reported that actor Lee Jong Suk is taking part in the Busan special for the very popular Chinese show 'Happy Camp', and CNBLUE's Yonghwa will be joining him! He's the perfect person to join because Busan is his hometown after all!

The filming in Busan has already been completed, with Lee Jong Suk and Yonghwa as the 'special guests/good-looking guides' who toured around the city with the 'Happy Camp' MCs.

As you can see in the released photos, it looks like they are all having a great time! If you didn't know already, 'Happy Camp' is the top rated variety show in several categories in China, aired on Hunan TV!

Credit : www.allkpop.com
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[PREORDER] CNBLUE 2nd Album "2gether" Version A


Hi guys!

Good news! We know that you all feel very anticipate to have your own CNBLUE 2nd Album "2gether" right..? We too! So, we decided to open pre-order for this album..

Sadly to informed that we can only opened for Version A for meantime because Version B details is not out yet!

You just need to follow these simple steps.
  1. Fill out the order form here
  2. Please make your payment to CIMB acc : 7055966290 (Chang Yee Yee) 
  3. Please send proof of payment to our email cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com with title "CNBLUE 2nd Album "2gether" Version A"
There you go. Now you are done with the order and let us take care of the rest.
Price : RM 70
Delivery : RM 10 (for SM), RM 15 (for Sabah and Sarawak)
*Postage include for poster in tube
Open from 9th September - 13th September 2015 (12 am)
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FNC Weekly - Upcoming Issues


#CNBLUE ‘Cinderella V WEEK’ to be on air trough V app from September 6th

#CNBLUE #YongHwa, #AOA #ChoA to appear on SBS ‘Same bed, different dream’ on Sep 12th
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CNBLUE ‘2gether’ Showcase



CNBLUE ‘2gether’ Showcase

2015.09.14.(월) 20:00
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CNBLUE 9/30発売 4th Album 「colors」からのリードトラック「Supernova」のMUSIC VIDEOが公開されました!

4th Album『colors』 

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CNBLUE 2nd Album #2gether TRACK LIST


I bet each and everyone of you were excited to hear all the track in CNBLUE's second album, 2gether. So, in meantime I will share the track list for this album, that will featured CINDERELLA as their main title track.

They said that the album will use pop rock and disco style, so let's wait together for this album! I see there will be Control and Radio songs, I bet that will be the Korean version of the songs.

Don't forget to tuned in on 14th September! By the way, don't forget to check out hashtag #CNBLUE_CINDERELLA for more post.

p/s : 15th September is Jung Shin's birthday! :)

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[Instagram | Photo] The Class IG



클래식한 블랙수트 착장에 위트를 불어넣어주는 민혁의 해골프린트셔츠

#더클래스 #THECLASS #fashion #style #fashionstyle #instafashion #mensfashion #menstyle #menswear #15fw #어번코드 #URBANCODE #씨엔블루 #CNBLUE #강민혁 #남자수트 #가을셔츠 #정장셔츠 #더클래스타그램 #THECLASSTAGRAM #캠스콘 #CAMSCON

카라에 터치감이 다른 소재의 배색이 들어가 확실한 포인트가 되어주는 종현의 셔츠

#더클래스 #THECLASS #fashion #style #fashionstyle #instafashion #mensfashion #menstyle #menswear #15fw #어번코드 #URBANCODE #씨엔블루 #CNBLUE #이종현 #남자수트 #가을셔츠 #정장셔츠 #더클래스타그램 #THECLASSTAGRAM #캠스콘 #CAMSCON


본격 가을의 시작! 9월이에요. 슬슬 아우터 준비를 해야 하지 않을까요? 민혁이 입고 있는 제품은 가장 기대되는 F/W아이템 중 하나였는데요! 드디어 입고되었다는 반가운 소식

#더클래스 #THECLASS #fashion #style #fashionstyle #instafashion #mensfashion #menstyle #menswear #15fw #어번코드 #URBANCODE #CNBLUE #강민혁 #아우터 #점퍼 #더클래스타그램 #THECLASSTAGRAM #캠스콘 #CAMSCON


옆라인이 섹시한 이 남자는 과연 누구일까요

#더클래스 #THECLASS #fashion #style #fashionstyle #instafashion #mensfashion #menstyle #menswear #15FW #어번코드 #URBANCODE #셔츠 #남자셔츠 #THECLASSTAGRAM #더클래스타그램 #캠스콘 #CAMSCON


정용화의 빛나는 수트 시리즈! 두 번째는 스트라이프 수트에요. 부드러운 터치감을 가진 터틀넥과 매치하니 도시에 어울리는 어번룩 완성

#더클래스 #THECLASS #fashion #style #fashionstyle #instafashion #mensfashion #menstyle #menswear #15FW #어번코드 #URBANCODE #셔츠 #남자셔츠 #THECLASSTAGRAM #더클래스타그램 #캠스콘 #CAMSCON
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CNBLUE‬ 2nd Album ‪#‎2gether‬ Ver.B 09.14 Release


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CNBLUE‬ 2nd Album ‪#‎2gether‬ Ver.A 09.14 Release


Official schedule – #CNBLUE #2GETHER COMEBACK

2/9 - Album A
3/9 - Album B
4/9 - Opening Trailer
8/9 - Track List
11/9 - MV Teaser
14/9 - MV
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