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Hello BOICE out there!
CNBLUE Anniversary Contest by MYCNBLUE is BACK!!
As we all already know (if you don’t, you’re not a true BOICE), the 14th of January 2015 is the mark of the 5th year CNBLUE rock the entertainment industry with their music, locally and internationally. As a true BOICE, we want CNBLUE to know our love and appreciate towards them as musicians for these 5 amazing years.

Therefore, MYCNBLUE would like to ask all BOICE out there to join with us in this contest to celebrate their anniversary. This contest is called ‘15 Seconds With CNBLUE’.

1) “What should I do?

Well, you just have to make a creative and interesting Insta Video for 15 seconds ONLY. In the video, you can do whatever you want to show your love towards CNBLUE with  theme "5th Anniversary CNBLUE".You can sing, act, play music or anything else. But ONLY FOR 15 SECONDS.You can only upload the video ONCE per Instagram account.

2) “Where should I upload it?”

·         You can upload it to your own Instagram account. But you have to make sure not to private your account, or else we cannot trace you! OR  If you don't have any Instagram account, don't worry, you can send your video to our email at cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com with title " 5 years with CNBLUE"

·         MYCNBLUE does not have an official Instagram account. But, we can trace your video thru the hashtag.

  3)“What is the hashtag?”

·         Okay, this is the most important part. In your 15 second-video, please use the hashtag #MYCNBLUE and  #15SecondsWithCNBLUE . We will trace and analyse your video thru these two hashtag. So, please DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE HASHTAG.

4) “When is this contest going to start?”
 We will going to start this contest on 9th of January 2015 (TODAY!) until 17th of January 2015.
       We will open this contest to all BOICE for only 7 days. So, DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE TIME. GO AND MAKE A VIDEO NOW NOW!
“Who can join this contest?”

·           All Malaysian and International BOICE can join this fun contest!

5) “Do I get to see the sample of the video?”
·         Yes, for sure. We already made a very simple video to show you how to do it.

·         Yes, it is VERY SIMPLE. Because we want YOU to make it creative and win the prize.

6)“Is there any prize for the winners?”

·         Of course, there will be prize for the most creative and interesting video. To show our appreciation, we will have something for all participants as well.

7)“What about the hashtag to be used 14th of January 2015 to make trending in Twitter?”

·         We have chosen a hashtag #5YearsWithCNBLUE to make it trending in Twitter.
We will start the countdown on the day before by using the hashtag.
We will try to make the hashtag trending worldwide!
“WOW this contest is very fun!”

·         Yes, it is! So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your smartphone now!

8) Any Questions?

If you have any Question, do not hesitate to ask us by PM to our Facebook account or mention us via Twitter or via cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com

Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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