[Weibo|Photo|Translation] Yonghwa said Hello to Chinese Boice

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@CNBLUE: 중국 boice 여러분 오랜만입니다^^ 용화예요~ 상해 잘 도착했습니다. 저를 맞이 하기 위해서 많은 분들이 기다려주시고 사랑 보내 주셔서 감사합니다. 비가 오니 조심해서 귀가 하시길! 내일 봐요 ^^ Thank you very much! 谢谢!!!!!!

@CNBLUE: China's Boice, long time no see. I am Yonghwa ~ I'm now in ShangHai. There's a lot of fans welcoming me and sending love to me, thank you very much. It's raining outside , so please be careful when you're on your way home. See you tomorrow! Thank you very much. Thank you.

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Translated by CNBLUE Singapore FC
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