[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Minhyuk spending time with his junior, NFlying

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@MR_KANGGUN: 멋쟁이 동생들 N.Flying! 추운 겨울날 몸 예열 하러 찜질방에 갔지만 시원한 펭귄방에서 한컷. 광진이는 함께 못해서 아쉽지만 다음엔 다 같이! 멋지게 날아라 동생들아~ 킹덤콘서트 무대 기대할게!
@MR_KANGGUN: Handsome lil brothers, N.Flying! Since it's so cold, we went to public bath and warmed up in their sauna room hence taking a shot in the penguin room. It's sad that Kwangjin can't join us but let's make it another time! Little brothers take it nicely~ looking forward for FNC Kingdom!
Original source from @MR_KANGGUN
Translated by @norleecious
Re-posted by Ida J@CNBB

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