[Weibo|Photo|Translation] Yonghwa's Weibo Update

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@jyheffect89: 郑容和89: Weibo真的太有意思了!以后也会经常更新的^^我们南京见哦~~

@jyheffect89: Weibo is really very interesting will update often in future too see you in Nanjing

@jyheffect89: Hahaha

@jyheffect89: Ma fan Love Love Love ~~~ !!

@jyheffetc89: 大家好!!!现在我的账号也进行了V认证了!谢谢weibo!觉得今天一天都会棒棒哒!祝大家也度过愉快的一天!

@jyheffect89: Hello everyone!!! My weibo account is now verified with V sign! Thanks Weibo!

Felt that the whole of today will be really great! 
Hope everyone will have an enjoyable day too!

Original source from @jyheffect89
Translated by @GrlyGirlie&@CNBYonghw
Re-posted by Ida J@CNBB

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