[Twitter|Weibo|Photo|Translation] Yonghwa prepared for solo comeback

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@JYHeffect: ㅎㅎ여러분 감기조심하시고 오늘 하루도 마무리 잘하세욥~~!! 전 열심히 곡작업중입니다요

@JYHeffect: ㅎㅎ Guys, be careful not to catch cold & lets ended our day well~~!! I'm working hard for the show

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@JYHeffect: 열.일 중~~~!!!

@JYHeffect: Passion. In between work~~~!!!

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@jyheffect89: 새로운 유행어를 배웠어요~ㅋㅋㅋ
@jyheffect89: Now here is the problem, who is stronger at making music?

Original source from @JYHeffect & @jyheffect89
Translated by @norleecious & @CNBYonghwa
Re-posted by Ida J@CNBB

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