[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Kang Minhyuk posted picture of his cooking

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@MR_KANGGUN: 내가 만들었다면 믿으려나? 내가 해놓고도 믿기 어려운 맛.정말 이런 재주가 있을 줄이야..나보고 결혼해도 될 것 같다던데 그건 우리 보이스를 위해 늦게..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

@MR_KANGGUN: Will u believe this is made by me? With the taste, i find this is hard to believe too. I never thought i really have this skills.. I'm planning to get married, and it seems it's late for BOICE..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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@MR_KANGGUN: 김치찌개도 한다.고기를 10분간 재고 김치와 볶는다. 멸치다시마 육수에 양파를 넣고 끓인 후 약간의 고춧가루등등 넣고 마지막에 두부와 대파를 넣고 끓이면 완성. 100%내가 끓인 김치찌개 심지어 맛도 완벽해.

@MR_KANGGUN:  I also made Kimchi Jjigae. After frying the meat for 10 minutes fry it together with the Kimchi. Add spring onions into the broth containing anchovies and after it boils add a bit of chilli powder,etc. Lastly, put in tofu and onions and it is completed when it boils. It was 100% boiled by me and even the taste of the Kimchi jjigae is also perfect

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@MR_KANGGUN: 사과 아닙니다.복숭아 입니다.정신아 이런게 라임이라는 거야.역시 음식을 먹고 후식은 과일이지.모두 못 믿겠지만 100% 순수 내가 해서 내가 혼자 먹었어요...

@MR_KANGGUN: This is not apple. It's peach. Jungshin-ah, it's like a lime. Anyway, it's good for your diet to have fruits after meals. U may not believe me but i can sure u 100% that i'm alone...

Original source from @MR_KANGGUN
Translated by @norleecious & @CNBMinhyuk
Re-posted by Ida J@CNBB

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