[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Jonghyun wish Happy Chuseok and spends his chuseok in Busan

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@cnbluegt: 추석에 좋은 추억 만드시구요^^귀성길 안전운전하시고,
아직 못 내려가신 분들도 조심히 내려 가셔서 가족과 함께 건강한 추석 보내세요^^
@cnbluegt: Lets make a good memories for Chuseok^^ wish u have a safe driving back home, yet those who who don't go anywhere, be carefully while spending your Chuseok with family ^^
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@cnbluegt: 부산이다~
@cnbluegt: It's Busan~

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@cnbluegt: 맛있다~
@cnbluegt: It's tasty~

Original source from @cnbluegt
Translation by @norleecious
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