Thank you Note to All CSMY Supporter

Finally the most anticipated concert for 2014 (literally for MYBOICE) has ended. We can see how the boys enjoyed their stage here in Malaysia. In conjunction to that, MYCNBLUE would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all our supporters for making Can't Stop Malaysia as one of the memorable stops for the boys.

Throughout 3 months of preparation, we Admin were squeezing our brain on how to make CSMY a successful concert.Thus,we launched some projects.

1) Fan Project for CSMY

Firstly, we released details fan project (FP) for CSMY include Lips Masquerade for TASA, Can't Stop Placard for Can't Stop song and message written "It's really good to see you again" for closing song, Love Light.We have received positive review on the project and also support from Boice.

We also ask help for Boice to help us pack for the fan projects.
On 13th July 2014, Fan Pack Gotong Royong which was happening in Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) Plaza, Kuala Lumpur and really thank you Boice for working hard in helping us to pack the project eventhough it was fasting month during that period ^^

2) Blue Jar Donation

For Boice who have donated for Blue Jar, we also would like to thank you guys so much for your contribution. With your contribution, we used the money to cover for CSMY Fan Project. The donator have received some present consists of postcard and placard from CSMY project as a token of appreciation.
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(credit to @dorkistic)

3)Food support project and postcard giveaways

Secondly, Food Support for Boice who are coming for the concert (9/8). The foods we have provided were mineral water, fruit juice water, snacks (chocolate pie, Bahulu (Malaysian traditional food) and crisps.

We also distribute postcards for fans to keep as memory ^^. The project involve some International Boice and ourselves.We also would like to say zilionth thank you to all international Boice fan clubs (BoiceINA, Burning Souls Chile, CNBMexico, Blue Impact France) for your endless supports to us.

Burning Soul Chile

Blue Impact France


4) Lucky Draws

We also have done lucky draws to add up some excitement for CSMY. Lucky draw was start from 3pm onwards .There were lots of present have been given away such as Blue Travel, Can't Stop CD,Lady Japanese CD, Face Mask, Foods and lots more. Congratulations for those who have won our prizes. For those who didn't win the grand prize,better luck next time yeah ^^

Lucky draw winner face of joy ^^

5) Flower Bouquet and Food Hampers

The flower and food hampers were given by hands to the organizer (IME Production) and they have passed the flower and food hampers to CNBLUE. The food hampers consists of jar containing various Hari Raya Biscuits. The project involve some International Boice (BoiceINA, Burning Souls Chile, CNBMexico, Blue Impact France, CNBLUE Peru, CNBLUE Singapore) for endless support to us.



BOICE Indonesia




6) Banner inside Stadium

Inside the stadium we have put 2 banners which are "CNBLUE Top of The World" and "Just Music Just CNBLUE" to show our support for CNBLUE. 

7) During Concert
During the concert day, all Boice sings to the Diamond Girl, also holding the lips during TASA (Try Again Smile Again) and holding up sign "It's really good to see you again" during Love Light. However, one of the highlight during CSMY is during Can't Stop song when Boice holding Can't Stop sign and singing along together with CNBLUE. We can see Yonghwa was overwhelmed during Can't Stop song=)

(credit to meliqolic lee)

(credit to JiNjJa DaeBak)

(credit to iamboicegongju)

(credit to Yus MY)


There were a lot of things that had happened throughout our preparation for CNBLUE Cant Stop Tour  in Malaysia. However, on 9th August 2014, after a rocking performance from our boys CNBLUE, we felt that every sweat, blood and tears were worth it after all. There are still a lot of people that we need to thank for their never ending support and all the BOICE, doesn't matter if you're from Malaysia or not, old or new, for providing us with the words that we need to keep going. Just the word 'thank you' is not enough to show our gratitude, but that is all that we can offer. For all the feedbacks, thoughts, opinions, doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative, please be assured that we've all learnt something from this. Once again, thank you so much from all of us in MYCNBLUE~!


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Kimi said...

Thanks again, thank you so much for making this CSMY so memorable ♡ It was one of my best CNBLUE concerts ever!
Norlee, Ipah and all the team, I'm so happy to have met you! Thank you for helping me with the project! I will never forget it and if CNBLUE finally come in France, I will do the same for you!
Hope to see you soon!