[Post] Unofficial T-shirt merchandise for CSMY

Hi Boice, good news, due to high demand, we are now re-open order for our unofficial T-Shirt ^^

Below are the available design: 

The size of the shirt measurement: 

Added info: for XXXL add 1-2 inch

i) Price:
 RM35 ( for S to XL)
RM38 ( for XXL to XXXL)

ii) Due date: 1st September 2014

iii) Shipping cost RM6 (Semenanjung Malaysia), RM9 (Sabah & Sarawak) per pcs / Meet up no charge

iv) Tshirt will be deliver 2 weeks after closing order

v) For pick-up will be on 20th September 2014


1) Fill in the form via this link

2) You may make payment to:

Maybank acc: 162272705550 (Nur Wahida bt Jamil Khir)

3) Don't forget to attach your proof of payment to our email cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com with subject : CSMY Unofficial T-shirt with details below:

Details : (amount of T-shirt you have ordered)


Total payment:

Copy of Payment Proof:

Please be reminded that all the orders are thru our our official email only, 

not thru our official FB or Twitter.

Happy shopping BOICE! :D



Anonymous said...

Payment proof like a picture or what?

missayien said...

hi, i just want to ask
you already mention that the t-shirt and phone case will be ship after 5/8..is it possible the merchandise arrive before 9/8?
i just stay at subang jaya

newssuki said...

Hi sorry Im late at reading this offer. Can I still order or you dont accept it anymore? Just asking. -newssuki-

MYCNBlue said...

newssuki: Yes we still accepting order till 19/7

missayien: It is possible to arrive before 9/8

For payment proof, need to snap picture of your transanction

missayien said...

ok then, thank you

Anonymous said...

Good evening. My aunt from HK is asking if it's possible to ship to HK. Do you have a contact number so I can talk to you directly?

Norfarhana Mohdnoh said...

wow cool ..okay 1 for me :)...

ila suhaila said...

hi,,just wanna ask about the link..i can't fulfill the form because i can't click on the link provided there

Anonymous said...

hi, i just want to ask. in the form link that u give there is not option for size xs. how im suppose to order it? thank you :)

MYCNBlue said...

Ila: I think the link is fine for me, can you try again

Anonymous: The form has been revised, you can order XS size

MYCNBlue said...

Ila: i think the link is fine for me, can you try again?

anon: we have revised the google doc form again, now you can order XS size

Anonymous said...

Ada banyak lagi ke tiket available? Setakat nii dah berapa tiket terjual?

Suki_CNblue said...

where can i pick up the shirt??=)

Anonymous said...

I wanna ask where can i pick up the shirt?

MYCNBlue said...

Suki_CNblue: we will tell you where to pick up the tshirt later yeah ^^

Suki_CNblue said...

Can u let me know now?becoz some places inconvenience for me to pick up....so I really need to know should I choose pick up or delivery...=)

and I wanna ask if I buy two pieces shirt .....delivery charge will be how much?

Thank you.=)

MYCNBlue said...

Suki_CNBLUE: we cant tell you exact location but it will be around KL, for 2 pieces, you need to add RM 6 each (means RM 12 for both shirt)