Unofficial Phone Case Merchandise for CSMY

Hello fellow BOICE!

We have another amazing merchandise available for all CNBLUE lovers out there!

We present to you Phone Case by CNBLUEBEAT Malaysia

specially for CSMY that is coming real soon now. 

There are 3 available designs that you can choose:

Phone Case 1:

Phone Case 2:

Phone Case 3:


i) Price: 

RM 25 (only!)

ii) Phone Models:

Samsung Note 1/2/3.
Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5
Samsung Grand 2
Samsung Galaxy Mini S3/S4
Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
iPhone 4/4s
iPhone 5/5s

iii) Due date: 


iv) Shipping cost:

 RM6 (Semenanjung Malaysia), 
RM9 (Sabah & Sarawak) per pcs
Meet up no charge

iv) Phone Case will be ready to collect/ship after 5/8/2014 

Instruction on how to order:

1) Fill in the form via this link:

2) You may make payment to:

Maybank acc: 512101624550 (Norlee Husnafeza Ahmad)

Paypal Acc :

3) Don't forget to attach your proof of payment to our email with subject : CSMY Unofficial Phone Case 
with details below:

Details : (amount of Phone Case you have ordered)


Total payment:

Copy of Payment Proof:

Please be reminded that all the orders are thru our our official email only, 

not thru our official FB or Twitter. 

Happy shopping BOICE! :D



Anonymous said...

For the design for phone case no3, did u already get the permission to use it from natblueboss?

korea homiez said...

wanna ask if samsung galaxy grand is same with samsung grand 2?

Khai Yan said...

Oh my.....I LOVE Phone case 3 so much!!!!! but its not suitable for my phone model :( can I request one specially for my phone please...........thank you

MYCNBlue said...

For your information, the original creator has given permission to us to use her artwork even before we published this

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any chance that you will print out on mini ipad/note 8 cover?


Anonymous said...

Is this only for Malaysian Boices?

Anonymous said...

Can we collect those unofficial merchandises on the concert day?Thanks

Yukihana said...

Do u still have this casing???