[Post] Jonghyun Birthday Message project

Sent us your Jonghyun birthday msg before 14 May 2014 23.45 pm. and you will get set of CNBLUE postcard plus chance to win CNBLUE : Blue Travel Magazine 
For International Boice that interested to join, You are most welcome too ^^
You may sent via FB or email. Kindly go through below details.

What you need to do ?
1- Design birthday photo for Jonghyun using this MSG : 
Happy 25th Birthday 
CNBLUE Hair-flipping King 
Lee Jong Hyun
15 May 2014
Lots of Love, Malaysia Boice ( Change accordingly to your country)

2- You can add your own words but above msg are mandatory.
3- You can use your creativity to design your birthday photo. 
You can use your own photo or other people photo. If you are using other people photo, Please include credit to the photo owner.

4- Sent via FB or Email to Us at cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com with details below.
Subject : Jonghyun!!! Happy Birthday
Name : 
Postal address : 
HP number : 
Cr to the Pix ( if you are using other ppl photo pls give the owner name/ID ) :

5- We will post your pix in our FB page starting from 15 May 2014 and 
you can promo pix for more "likes" until 17 May 2014.
We will announce the winner on 18 May 2014 via FB, Twitter & Blog.

6- All participants will receive sets of CNBLUE postcard as token of appreciations
7- Additional for Malaysia Boice only, Pix with most "like" will receive gift as below :
1st most likes picture : CNBLUE : Blue Travel Magazine 
2nd most likes picture : Cant Stop - Version 3 
3rd most likes picture : Cant Stop - Version 2

PM us if you have more question ^^ Thank you.

Examples of the design are below:

Posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat


nurrul khaliesah said...

Darn... i missed this one... T.T

shan baby said...

which seat is suitable pls give some suggestion because this is my first time to participant

shan baby said...

which seat is most suitable pls give some comment pls .tq