[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Parody of tweets from Minhyuk

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@kmh_cndr: 청담동111촬영하면서FNC 막내라인 끼리 뭉쳤습니다~말만 막내라인이지.. 막내 아닌 친구도 있지만~ㅋ막내들이여 힘내거라!

@kmh_cndr: Stuck in between FNC maknae-line while filming for CDDD111~ i'm not the youngest one.. Eventho i'm not maknae, but we're friend~ ㅋ Maknaes cheer up!

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@kmh_cndr: 오늘은 정말 걷고 싶은 날씨였어요날씨는 다시 따뜻해졌지만그래도 감기조심해요~~!아프면 이 좋은 날씨도 만끽하지 못하니까.. 콘서트얼마 안남았네요 콘서트때만나요~

@kmhy_cndr: The weather today is really good for a walk. The weather is warm again, but be careful not to catch cold ~~! Enjoy this good weather and make sure not to get sick because... We wanna meet u soon at the concert~

Original source from @kmh_cndr
Translated by @norleecious
Re-posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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