[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Today is final day of Can't Stop promotion

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@JYHeffect: KBS 뮤직뱅크 막방 기념샷! 5주란 시간이 이렇게 빨리 지나가다니 아쉽네요ㅠㅡㅠ 시간아 멈춰라~! 여러분! 오늘도 즐거운 하루!!! 오예~~!

@JYHeffect: Memorial shot in KBS music bank room! It's so sad that 5 weeks has been so fastㅠㅡㅠ Time, can u be slow~! Guys! Have a wonderful day!! Aeyyy~~!

Original source from @JYHeffect
Translated by @norleecious
Re-posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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