[Project] Fund Raising for CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live Concert in Seoul

Hi MYBoice!

We are planning to send rice wreath support for CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Seoul. The concert will be on 19th & 20th April 2014.

You can participate in this project by donating any amount to us. Donators name will be stated in the Special Notes on the Rice Wreath.

Payment Details:
Maybank : 164192033985 Jufadilla Jamaldin
CIMB       : 7001674438 Jufadilla Jamaldin
Paypal    : jufa_dilla@yahoo.com.my

Please fill in below form once payment done:

Dateline: 10/04/2014 

Help us by supporting this project! Please spread this to your family, relatives, neighbours and friends too :D


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