[Weibo|Picture] CNBLUE's weibo follower has reached 100K!

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여러분 감사합니다~~!!드디어 저희 웨이보를 팔로워해주시는분들이 100만이 넘었습니다~^^빨리 중국에 가서 여러분들을 뵙고 싶네요!!조만간 찾아뵐테니 조금만 기다려주세요~!그리고 이번 새앨범 Can't Stop 많이 사랑해주세요!!짜이찌엔!!!

Everyone Thank you~~!! Finally our Weibo have exceeded 100 thousand people~^^ I wish to go to China quickly to see everyone!! I will see you soon so please wait a little while~! And this time please give our album Can’t Stop lots of love!! Goodbye!!! 

Original source from CNBLUE weibo
Translated by CNBLUE Singapore FC
Re-posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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