[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Jungshin said he cant wait to see Korean fan

@CNBLUE_4: 드디어 월드투어가 끝났습니다~~^^ 저희 씨엔블루를 늘 응원해 주시는 팬분들이 많다는 걸 지구 반대편까지에서도 느낄 수 있는 투어였던거 같아요.행복했습니다.이제 한국 팬분들을 만날시간.조금만 더 기다려 주세요!! 씨엔블루 4명과 웃는 얼굴로 만나요. 좋은 하루 되세요^^

@CNBLUE_4: Finally, the world tour has ended~~^^ We always feel the loves given by fans through out the tour and hope u guys can feel our too. We are happy. Now it's time to meet Korean fans. Please wait for a little while. Lets meet 4 members of CNBLUE with smile. Have a nice day^^

Original source from @CNBLUE_4
Translation by @norleecious
Re-posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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