Top 4 things International BOICE can really help

Top 4 things International BOICE can really help

1). Buy a physical album and make sure it counts toward Hanteo/Gaon chart. (YesAsia, KpopTown, DVDHeaven, Kpopmart, Synnara)

2). Buy Can’t Stop Digital Single on Soribada
The website is in English. You can pay with PayPal. 
Counts toward digital music charts in Korea. (iTunes purchase does not count)
Each is song is counted only once per account.
You may also buy song using Soribada’s new facebook app. You may gift a song to a friend. The gift will count toward charts. 

3). Increase SNS points for CNBLUE
      4 components: YouTube (40%), Twitter (25%), Facebook (15%), Me2day (20%)

YouTube (Views 70%, Likes 10%, Comments 20%)
Watch MV on CNBLUE official YouTube channel to increase view count
Like the MV and leave positive comment
Watch video in full (no pause/no fast forward) and not on mute
Clear history/cookie, open new browser if you are to watch MV again
View/Like/Comment on CNBLUE performances when they are uploaded on TV station’s official YouTube channel (KBS, MBC, SBS, Mnet
Retweet from all tweets from all CNBLUE official twitter accounts
Retweet all CNBLUE comeback related tweets
Search for 씨엔블루, CantStop, CNBLUE, 캔트스톱 on twitter
Keep mentioning 씨엔블루, CNBLUE, Can’t Stop on twitter
Participate in all Fan base trending projects
Tweeting for SNS points
Use the hashtags #씨엔블루  #CantStop  #CNBLUE  #캔트스톱
Must set twitter account to public
Please try to use only one hashtag per tweet or 2 different hashtags
If using 2 hashtags: include one for artist name (#씨엔블루 or #CNBLUE) and one for song title #CantStop
You NEED to put words in between the 2 hashtags
Example: “waited so long for #씨엔블루 comeback #CantStop is amazing”
Twitter will mark it as spam if you use too many hashtags or the same hashtag too often
Facebook: Like, comment, share on all posts on CNBLUE Official facebook

4). Vote for CNBLUE for Mnet Countdown
Go the Mnet global site to create an ID. 
Vote from: Friday 11AM Korean Standard Time to Monday 9AM Korean Standard Time
You can vote once a day per account
One IP address will allow 10 accounts 

Credit to Emy@Boice
Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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