Help CNBLUE get SNS Points

Help CNBLUE get SNS Points

We need to start on 2/24 until end of promotion for Can’t Stop

4 parts: YouTube=40%  Twitter=25%  Facebook=15%  me2day=20%

1). YouTube (views 70%, 10% likes, comment 20%)
§  Search for Can’t Stop MV. Watch in CNBLUE official YouTube channel
§  Must watch video in full (no pause/no fast forward). Do not mute video.
§  Don’t watch video embedded on other websites.
§  Don’t forget to like and comment
§  Refreshing/replay will not count toward views
§  If you want to watch the video again, you will need to search for MV again
§  You need to clear history after 10 views and clear cookies after one hour
§  For Google chrome/Firefox users, watch using incognito window/private browser
§  Stream CNBLUE performances on TV station’s official YouTube channels when they are uploaded (KBS, MBC, Mnet, SBS). Like, Comment, and Share.

2). Twitter (mentions 30%, retweets 30%, search 40%)
·         It is the frequency on retweets, search, and mentions being monitored.
·         Your twitter account must be set to public
·         Retweet all tweets from all CNBLUE official accounts: @CNBLUE_4, @JYHeffect, @MentalShin, @kmh_cndr, @cnbluegt, @FNC_ENT
·         Retweet all tweets related to CNBLUE Can’t Stop comeback
·         Keeping mentioning and searching for 씨엔블루, CantStop, CNBLUE, 캔트스톱  on twitter
·         Participate in all Fanbase trending activities
·         Use  #씨엔블루 #CantStop  #CNBLUE #캔트스톱 in your tweets
  • To avoid Twitter marking it as spam, use ONLY ONE hashtag in a single tweet
  • Try not to start or end your tweet with a hashtag
  • Some sources say you may use two different hashtags
-          One for artist name #씨엔블루 or #CNBLUE and one for song title #CantStop
-          And you NEED to add some words between the hashtags
-          Example: “waited so long for #씨엔블루 comeback #CantStop is amazing”
·         Someone retweeting your tweet containing the hashtag will help increase SNS points
·         Don’t use a single hashtag too often. Wait for some time before tweeting with same hashtag again.

3). Facebook
·         Like, comment, and share all facebook posts on CNBLUE Official facebook page related to Can’t Stop Comeback

Credit to Emy@Boice
Posted by Shyra@cnblubeat


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