[Twitter|Photo|Translation] CNBLUE's Sweet Note Candle

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@CN_FANCLUB: SWEET NOTE의 첫 번째 스페셜 아이템! 향초와 함께 들어있는 CNBLUE 멤버들의 친필 향 설명지를 살짝 미리 공개합니다! ^^ 자세한 사항은 에서 확인해주세요!

@CN_FANCLUB: SWEET NOTE’s first special item! Released a little in advanced is the CNBLUE members’ description of the aromatic candles’ scents! ^^ Please check http://fncstore.com for more details!

Original source from @CN_FANCLUB
Translated by Tina D@CNBrunei
Re-posted by Ida J@cnblubeat

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