[Twitter|Photo|Translation] CNBLUE finished Blue Moon LA and NYC concert sucessfully

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@CN_FANCLUB : LA공연 전! 대기실 사진을 살짝 공개합니다!! 열심히 응원해주신 팬 여러분 덕분에 뉴욕&LA공연 무사히 마쳤습니다! 앞으로 남은 공연도 많이 기대해주세요 :-D

@CN_FANCLUB: Before the LA concert! Revealing the photo in the waiting room!! Thanks to the enthusiastic support from the fans, New York & LA concerts have finished safely! In the future, for upcoming performances too, please anticipate it a lot :-D

Original source from @CN_FANCLUB
Translated by Tina D@CNBrunei
Re-posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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