[Twitter] [Photo] [Trans] Lee Jungshin wished BOICE Happy Lunar New Year and hint about their comeback soon!

@CNBLUE_4: 여러분~~ 정신이에요. 설 연휴 잘 보내고 계신가요? 저희는 칠레에서 따뜻한 설연휴를 보내고 있습니다~ 이제 곧 컴백이 다가 오네요ㅎ 이번 앨범 노래 좋아요 아주 좋아요 오 마이갓 좋아요 기대해 주세요 가족분들과 행복한 시간 보내세요!!!

[Trans] @CNBLUE_4: Everybody~~ Jungshin here. Is everyone having a great Lunar New Year? We are having a warm Lunar New Year festive in Chile for the first time~ We are going to have our comeback soonㅎ(heh) This time, the album songs are good, really good Oh My God good. Please look forward to it. Do spend a great time with your family!!!

Source from @CNBLUE_4
Translated by @CNBLUESGFC
Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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