Flood victim relief reports

Serious flood happened during early December 2013 in East Coast part of Malaysia especially on Kuantan, Pahang area. MYCNBLUE together with Yayasan Salam opened a donation for the flood victim and this donation were used to buy necessary items such as rice, drinks and etc.

Thanks to you BOICE, the total amount of donation received was RM 1080 =)

On 29th December 2013, MYCNBLUE admin (Ipah, Syieda and Ida) went to Tesco Mutiara Damansara to buy necessary grocery for the flood-victim. The items we bought were Milo drink, Tiger Biskuat Biscuit, Fruitale soap bar, toothpaste, rice, sardine tin, packs of chocolate and pandan-flavoured layered cake and mineral water bottles.

The items were then equally distributed for the 24 flood-victim families.This was then given to the representative of Yayasan Salam Malaysia to be distributed to the 24 families that were affected by the flood.

MYCNBLUE Team would like to say THANK YOU to the BOICE who donate the money for the flood victim. Even small amount of the money you guys have donated, it does help decrease the burden of the flood-victim especially for families with children or poor family.


Written by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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