CNBLUE Never Stop Until....FOREVER

From the streets of Japan to the hall of Best Buy Theater in USA.

From small club performances to massive world tour at 14 different countries.

From an anonymous indie band to world famous rock band.

From 4 average young men who play instruments to 4 hot musicians who create many amazing masterpiece.

After 4 years of debuting, CNBLUE has become an incredible rock band that has their own loyal fans all over the world. 

Not only they create such inspirational songs to the fans, they also show various skills as good performers through acting, mc-ing and also comedy-ing.

On 14th of January 2014, it is official that CNBLUE and all BOICE all over the world celebrated their 4th Anniversary of debuting in South Korean music industry. 

MYCNBLUE and all BOICE around the world succeed in making the hashtag #CNBLUE4thAnniversary

trending on Twitter in several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. 

MYCNBLUE Team would like to wish CNBLUE millions of congratulations for their success in 4 years time. Not to forget, we would like to wish all the best in the year 2014 and many years to come. 

To all BOICE of the world, thank you and good job in celebrating our very own virtual anniversary party of #CNBLUE4thAnniversary on Twitter. 

Keep on supporting CNBLUE until top of the world.

Thank you. 

Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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