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[Video] [Trans] MTV Idols of Asia Jung Yonghwa CUT


[Eng Trans] [MTV Idols of Asia] - YongHwa special interview 

YH: Hello everybody I am Yonghwa. Congratulation on the broadcast of Idols of Asia! Hope Ken Hyung (MC) promotes more of my new drama Future's Choice. Everyone can be updated on news of AOA too, please show your support, and continue to support CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa. Congratulation on broadcast! 

from 1:12 
MC: MTV Idols of Asia. Everybody, here comes the idol, let's welcome Jung Yonghwa! 

YH: Hello viewers of Taiwan MTV, I am Jung Yonghwa 

[Qn: Having double roles as singer and actor, how to find balance with life?] MC: Long time no see, really long time no see.. At this point of time, both roles are occuring simultaneously. One is singer of CNBLUE, another is actor. So how is the condition now? Do you feel life is hectic? 

YH: Recently, world tour is still going on, and drama filming at the same time. But because both are interesting, it's not tired. Instead I'm enjoying this situation. Because both are interesting, I feel happiness. 

[Qn: This year JYH came as CNBLUE for world tour, what is your impression of Taiwan?] 
MC: I still remember the last time CNBLUE came for world tour, they bursted the Taipei Arena (full house), everyone was very excited. So regarding the previous concert at Taipei, do you still have any impression? Since you have already been here for a few times. 

YH: Every performances in Taiwan was really fun. Fans shown much enthusiasm, so really thankful for that. Feel happiness everytime in Taiwan, hope to come Taiwan more often. 

[Qn: Acting needs to memorise lots of lines. Has memory becomes good because of that?] 
MC: Your memory must be good due to the many drama lines to memorise recently? 

YH: Memorising lines.... not the best, but not very bad either.. Just that the lines will be said out according to the scenarios. Rather than to memorise the lines word by word, I would say it is because the lines are being said in my style, so memorising lines are not that difficult. 

[Qn: Memorising drama lines or song lyrics, which is more difficult?] 
MC: To you, drama lines and song lyrics, which is easier or more difficult to memorise? 

YH: Both of them require to read and say out repeatedly, I can't say I am better in which one. Both of them are difficult. 

[Qn: Chinese tongue twister test] 
MC: Now we will do a simple test to test Yonghwa's chinese-speaking ability. Of course there is also memory test. 

YH: *trying out tongue twister* YH: It is difficult MC: This is really difficult. Change to a easier one. *chanting tongue twister* YH: it is the same as "kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang" (korean tongue twister) 

MC: let's test my memory. 

YH: *chanting korean tongue twister* 

MC: Actually I know "kan-jang-kong-jang" 

YH: "kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kang kong-jang-jang-ee-go" like this 

MC: "kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kang kong-jang-jang-ee-go, dwen-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kong kong-jang-jang-ee-da" (YH's OS bubble: you must be a korean!) 

YH: It is great! How do you know this? 

MC: This is the best korean i can say. 

YH: Really? Really talented. 

MC: Able to say it fast *kan-jang.......* sorry, in the end I am the one performing. 

MC: Do you want to try this? this is easier. 

YH: *chinese tongue twister* 

MC: wah, this is the most accurate I heard from all korean. 

YH: Really? Thank you thank you. 

MC: If it is read faster, it will be great. 

YH: Thank you 

[Qn: Next year, CNBLUE's documentary movie will be released in Japan. Please introduce it to Taiwan fans] 
MC: Next year in Japan will be releasing a documentary movie. Can you roughly introduce this movie, what is it about? 

YH: Taiwan world tour footage will be seen in the movie, many footage taken at the backstage will also be included. The most natural side of us can be seen, please look forward to the movie. 

[Qn: CNBLUE released a new song "Feel Good" for world tour?] 
MC: It is in the midst of world tour, and a new song Feel Good has been released. Can you introduce this song to us? 

YH: Feel Good is a co-produced song with Samsung Galaxy, combined with the intro melody of the theme song "Over The Horizon". Hope to convey the message of enjoying your life. 

MC: That's right, there are many people who like this style or vibe of CNBLUE. So we hope and look forward to having this awesome concert tour in Taiwan again and to listen to this song LIVE. 

YH: It was a pity that this song was not performed here. We will definitely sing this song next time in Taiwan. 

[Qn: Other than busying over world tour, also in the midst of filming a new drama Future's Choice?] 
MC: This time round, it is world tour and Future's Choice drama filming happening at the same time. Can you introduce us what kind of a drama is this? 

YH: Basically this drama is talking about the main lead travelled from the future to present by time machine, hoping to change the present, thus many things happened. In the drama I act as the grandson of the owner of a media group. Everyone please support as this is an interesting drama. Look forward to it. 

[Qn: The feeling of acting as a chaebol (rich man) in Future's Choice?] 
MC: So this is a time travelling drama. So, acting as a chaebol, it should be.. not an easy task? 

YH: This is a role acting exactly as myself, really suitable. just joking. Rather than saying having a hard time filming, I would say it is happy filming, I am striving hard to be engaged in it. I should fit this role well. (HAHAHA!) 

[Qn: What other different kinds of roles you want to challenge in the future?] 
MC: It seems like you are getting better in filming of this drama. Is there any dream role you wish to take up, what kind of genre of drama you want to act in? 

YH: Rather than saying which role I am suitable for, I would say to find a role which is similar to my personality. So I am satisfied about the roles I have up till now. Because of the similarities with the role in drama, I hope to finish the filming happily. This is a role which I have always been wanting to take up, the role of a chaebol. It is really fun this time to have my wish granted. As for what kind of role I wish to act next time, I would like to try any kinds of role, there is not a particular type I want, I wish to challenge all. 

[Qn: There are a lot of scenes with Yoo Eun Hye, what is the feeling of working with her?] 
MC: This time it is a drama with YEH, so what is the feeling of working with this sunbae (senior) for the first time? 

YH: Firstly, the atmosphere at filming set was great, actors/actresses, directors and writers, everyone gets along well. So I feel happiness, and the filming process is also fun. 

[Qn: Having a double role of CNBLUE and actor at the same time, how do you balance or adjust your emotions?] 
MC: Since you are doing both world tour and acting simultaneously, so i would like to know for you, as Jung YongHwa, what kind of method you use to relief yourself if you are being pressurized, or when workload is increased. Is there anything you want to do to relieve yourself? 

YH: Because fans have always been supporting and cheering for us, this is the greatest comfort to us. When really tired out, will try to find time to rest. Because there is not much time for exercising, so will try to sleep as much as possible. 

[Qn: As work is so hectic, how do you arrange time for composing songs?] 
MC: At this period when work is so hectic, so it should be impossible to compose songs? 

YH: As long as there is a break, I will rest and also compose in the working room. Because there will be a CNBLUE album coming up, I will buck up on composing when I have time. 

[Qn: Although CNBLUE members are busy with their own schedule, can you reveal the future plans to Taiwan Boice?] 
MC: CNBLUE members are now all busy with their own schedules, so can you reveal to all the Boice, is there any new plans in work in the near future? YH: Other than me, Minhyuk is also filming drama, we are bucking up and hope next year CNBLUE can comeback in the music industry. When we are done preparing, we will release our latest album right away. We have always been preparing, please wait for awhile more. We are expecting to comeback with an really awesome album for everyone, please look forward. 

MC: So we know next year they will comeback, thus let's us all look forward to both dramas and CNBLUE which will bring us more awesome projects in the future. 

YH: yes yes that's right. 

MC: We are very happy that in the midst of his hectic schedule, Yonghwa still makes an appearance in our Idols of Asia. So, on behalf of all Boice, I wish you good health, and all the best for drama. 

YH: Really thankful, hope everyone can support my new drama, and support CNBLUE. I will also do my best to meet everyone as soon as possible, thank you. 

MC: thank you for coming "Wo Ai Ou Xiang" (Idols of Asia in chinese) 

YH: Ou xiang~ (Idol in chinese) 

Video from TsenCNB@youtube
Translation by: @sgboices4cnblue 
Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat 

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