Finally the most anticipated concert for 2013 (literally for MY BOICE) has ended. We can see how the boys enjoyed their stage here in Malaysia. In conjunction to that, MYCNBLUE would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all our supporters for making BLUE MOON MALAYSIA as one of the memorable stops for the boys. 

During the 4 months preparation for the D-day, we got really good support from the fans, locally and internationally. We also got so many moral and fund supports from u guys. Once again, THANK YOU! 


We would like to thank all Malaysian BOICE for helping us in achieving the targeted amount for this donation, which is RM2,408.13, which is actually a symbol that represents the date of their 1st solo concert here in Malaysia, which falls on 24/08/13.. We spent about 1 and a half month of collecting donation through various fan club activities and personal donations.


We would like to send our never ending gratitude to all CNB-biased fanclubs for making this real.  @CNBYonghwa, @CNBJonghyun, @CNBMinhyuk and also @CNBShin, had given us the best support towards this project.


BMMY Photo Booth

Few international FCs had been part of this project, such as CNBLUE Peru, CNBLUE Mexico, and CNBLUE4INA, together with all four CNB-biased FCs, CNBYonghwa, CNBJonghyun, CNBMinhyuk, and CNBShin had shown their indefinite supports for BMMY by sending us their support standees at our photo booth.

International FCs Supports

CNBLUE Peru, CNBLUE Mexico and CNBLUE USA had also taken parts in showing their love to CNBLUE boys during BMMY. CNBLUE Peru & CNBLUE Mexico sent flower bouquets to the boys and we managed to get the bouquets to be put inside the boys’ changing room. And CNBLUE USA showed their supports for CNBLUE BLUE MOON Tour by sending a larger banner, and it was then put inside the stadium.

Food Support for CNBLUE, FNC Staff & DAOL 

After we discussed with the organizer, we prepared food support for them on Friday 23/8/13. Since Malaysia was still in Festive Month (Hari Raya AidilFitri), we decided to give them traditional Hari Raya set to introduce special food for this event. The list of food support:
  • Hari Raya Set ( Lemang, Nasi Himpit, Chicken Rendang & Beef Rendang) 
  • Traditional Kuih (Seri Muka & Kuih Lapis)
  • Hari Raya Cookies ( Pineapple Tart, Chocolate cookies & Semperit)
  • Banana Chips & Tapioca Chips
  • Fruits ( Guava, Pineapple, and Pomelo)
  • Old Town White Coffee ( from Cnbluelight)
  • Mineral Water Bottle 
Lemang, Nasi Himpit, Chicken Rendang & Beef Rendang

Kuih Seri Muka & Kuih Lapis

Pineapple Tart, Chocolate Cookies & Semperit

Banana Chips & Topioca Chips

Complete Set
We passed the food support packages to the organizer at Stadium Negara before Press Conference and the boys ate before their rehearsal time.

AND!!! Jonghyun commented about the food before the concert!

[Weibo Trans by @CNBStorm
I really like Malaysian food too~ I ate well the food that was prepared yesterday. 
Please enjoy the concert today! Hoot. 

The boys also tried satay and nasi lemak and they really love the foods!

Video by cckw17

CNBLUE also trying hard to speak in Malay language and their pronunciations almost accurate (they do sound like local people especially Jungshin and Yonghwa haha). Lets list out some of Malay words they use during the concert ^^ :-
  • Apa khabar semua? = How are you?
  • Nama saya Jungshin/Jonghyun/Minhyuk/Yonghwa = My name is Jungshin/Jonghyun/Minhyuk/Yonghwa
  • Saya suka makan sate = I love to eat satay
  • Rindu kami? = Do you miss us?
  • Kami pun rindu kamu = We miss you too
  • Mahu lagi? = Want more?
  • Kuat lagi! = Louder!
  • Jumpa lagi = See you again
CNBLUEBEAT Crew Food Support

A Boice from Singapore send us boxes of doughnut to us! Gyaahhhh That was so surprising! Thank you so much to Ms Naf! We really enjoy it..! 

Fan Project - Moon Zone Project

We really would like to thank all the Moon Zoners for your great supports towards this project. Thanks to CNBLUE USA, and also a few individuals for their financial support that enable us to buy the super big cloth to cover the zone. Not to forget to fans that had been so helpful painting on the cloth and also those who supported us while the project was taking place.

View from the underneath cloth
Photo by
And the responses given by Yonghwa can be seen through out this fancam. (Cr to:

Fan Project – Love Light

Succeed! Even though we had a hard time with this project before the concert, we would say this fan project totally touched the boys! We would like to say thank you to Boice and #BMMY audiences for supporting us to make the fan project a success.

Photo by
Photo by
Fan Project: “Try Again, Smile Again”[Encore]

“Try Again, Smile Again” was the final fan project for CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The hand banners were given to the fans at every zone together with pink heart paper and multi-coloured glow sticks in Stadium Negara.

As soon as CNBLUE started to perform “Try Again, Smile Again” BOICE had to raise the hand banners same with shoulder height and sing the song together until it ended. 

Photo by
We can see Yonghwa started to read almost every hand banners raised by the BOICE carefully and he seemed to notice our sincerity on thanking CNBLUE for keeping their words to have a solo concert in Malaysia. Yonghwa showed his thumbs up when he saw the hand banners. BOICE were so touched with his simple and sweet action :'-D


Guys, Minhyuk here...World Tour in Malaysia has ended! It was our first solo concert and it was awesome~! The show always Feel ~~~~gooooooood!!! 
See you next time Malaysia!!

Malaysian~~!!! Yonghwa here! Woah… Today was really funㅜ thank you.  Thank you for keep waiting and always looks forwardㅜ Once again, thank you so much.  We will do better and please keep on cheering for CNBLUE in future.  MUSIC makes me high . Thank you!


There were a lot of things that had happened throughout our preparation for CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Concert in Malaysia. However, on 24th August 2013, after a rocking performance from our boys CNBLUE, we felt that every sweat, blood and tears were worth it after all. There are still a lot of people that we need to thank for their never ending support and all the BOICE, doesn't matter if you're from Malaysia or not, old or new, for providing us with the words that we need to keep going. Just the word 'thank you' is not enough to show our gratitude, but that is all that we can offer. For all the feedbacks, thoughts, opinions, doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative, please be assured that we've all learnt something from this. Once again, thank you so much from all of us in MYCNBLUE~!


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[Video] CNBLUE - Feel Good (GALAXY Music) MV


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[Weibo|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa Thanks Malaysia Fans, Promises To Come Again


말레이시아 여러분 ~ ~ ~!!! 용화 예요! 와 … 오늘 정말 재미 있었습니다 ㅜ 감사 합니다. 기다려 주셔서 감사 드리고 앞으로도 자주 올게요 ㅜ 다시 한번 감사 드립니다. 여러분 의 응원 을 담아 앞으로도 더욱더 열심히 하는 CNBLUE 되겠습니다. MUSIC makes me high. Thank you!

Malaysia fans~~!!! It’s me Yonghwa! Waa… Today it was really funㅜ Thank you. Thank you for patiently waiting for usㅜ Thanks again. Because of your support, we will work harder and serve you better as CNBLUE. MUSIC makes me high . Thank you!

Translated by Fizzy @cnbluestorm
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[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Kang Minhyuk says CNBLUE Feels Good in Malaysia


@CNBLUE_4: 안녕하세요 민혁입니다. 월드투어 말레이시아가 끝났습니다! 단독콘서트로는 처음인데 재밌었습니다~! 공연은 언제나 Feel ~~~~gooooooood!!! 다음에 또 만나요 see u Malaysia!!

 @CNBLUE_4: Hello it’s Minhyuk. World Tour in Malaysia has ended! It’s our first solo concert but it was fun~! All through the concert we Feel ~~~~gooooooood!!! Let’s meet again next time see u Malaysia!!

Source by @CNBLUE_4
Translated by Fizzy @cnbluestorm
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[Weibo|Photo|Trans] Lee Jonghyun Likes Malaysian Food


말레이시아 전통음식 저도 참 좋아하는데요~ 어제 준비해주신 음식 잘먹었습니다. 오늘 공연 잘부탁드립니다! 훗.

 I really like Malaysian food too~ I ate well the food that was prepared yesterday. Please enjoy the concert today! Hoot.

Translated by: fizzy @cnbluestorm
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[Article] Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, And CNBLUE's Yonghwa Confirmed For New KBS Drama 'The Future Choice'


Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and CNBLUE's Yonghwa have been confirmed as the star-studded trio for new KBS 2TV drama 'The Future Choice'!

'The Future Choice' is directed by 'Bad Love' and 'Detectives in Trouble's Kwon Kye Hong and written by 'Beethoven Virus' and 'The King 2 Hearts' Hong Jin Ah. This will be Yoon Eun Hye's first production in a year since 'I Miss You' and Lee Dong Gun's return to the small screen in five years since 'When It's At Night' and his discharge from the military back in March. As for Yonghwa, this is his first drama since 'Heartstrings' two years back.

This drama will be incorporating the 'time slip' concept in which a writer working for a broadcast station goes back in time to meet her past self and advise herself on her life. 

Yoon Eun Hye will show her bright and lovable charms as the maknae writer Na Mi Rae while Lee Dong Gun will make viewers swoon as the handsome announcer Kim Shin. Yonghwa will also play the role of Park Sae Ju who is a VJ and undercover boss as a grandson of the broadcast station's CEO. 

'The Future Choice' will premiere following 'Good Doctor' this October!

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[Article] CNBLUE Top Charts In Japan With 'One More Time' Before Its Release


CNBLUE have topped charts in Japan with their upcoming track "One More Time" before its official release!

HMV released its Korean Asia weekly chart on the 21st, and "One More Time" from their second Japanese album 'What Turns You On?' sat at the top of the list. It was also #1 on Recochoku's Asia weekly chart.

The song, composed and written by Yonghwa himself, will be released on August 28.

Congrats to CNBLUE!

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[Article|Photos] CNBLUE Is a New Endorser of K-Food


Advertisements of Korean agri-products with a popular boy band CNBLUE will be broadcast in foreign media. According to aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.), the Hallyu stars CNBLUE, who are among the most popular with Asian people, have been selected as an endorser of K-Food. The boy band has filmed commercials for a variety of Korean agri-products.

CNBLUE members include Jeong Yong-hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-hyuk, and Lee Jung-sin. They took pictures for advertisement posters and shot TV commercials for 20 kinds of Korean foods that are actively exported to overseas markets. 

At the poster shooting, CNBLUE received praise for delivering well the unique characteristics and image of each of the advertised Korean foods - the freshness of the bell pepper, sweet-and-sour taste of the apple, the healthy image of kimchi, and so on. 

Jeong Yong-hwa, the leader of CNBLUE, said, “When we heard that the Korean foods that we enjoy eating are actively exported abroad, our hearts were filled with pride. We will make every effort to promote Korean foods of high quality to our foreign fans.”Commercials for K-Food with CNBLUE will appear on public TV channels in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and other Asian countries as early as this August. What’s more, the commercials are going to show on the channels of world-famous broadcasting companies, including CNN and the BBC, and on an internet site (YouTube) and the SNS (Facebook). 

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