[NOTICE] RE:BLUE Limited Edition album

We just want to give quick update regarding the pre-order of RE:BLUE Limited Edition album.

Item status:
The Korean side already ship the albums yesterday (Wednesday 13/2). Estimated time for it to arrive is within this week.

Delivery time:
Probably starting next week. Starting from Monday to Wednesday. Please give us time to pack all albums.
Tracking code will be given later.

Due to the album is quite heavy, you guys need to pay another RM10 to cover additional shipping cost from Korea to Malaysia.
So the total price including the additional fee is RM90.
Last day to settle the additional payment is on Monday 18/2.

Please pay to:
with the proof of payment and send it to cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com including your full name.

Those who already paid the additional RM10, no need to pay again.

Thank you :)

UPDATE 17/2/2013

List name of buyers who haven't paid the additional RM10.
1. Shikeen Hussin
2. Tham Kok Ngiik
3. Azrina Aliya binti Hismat Alang
4. Sara Yasmin
5. Janice Tan
6. Anis Roozaine bt Ab Rahman
7. Wan Norazween
8. Siti Aishah Kamis
9. Tan Uen Shin
10. Lucy Saman
11. Edora Yaacob
12. Kuan Mei Xin
13. Siti Muna Liza
14. Juliana.

Those are mentioned above, please pay RM10 as soon as possible.
If additional has been made, please send us your proof of payment to cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com

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