[Video] [Trans] CNBLUE'S Messages for Fans in Chile and Peru for Blue Moon Concert.


[TRANS] Hi Chile! Hi Guys! We are CNBLUE!

Finally we are going to Chile with our own concert, Blue Moon World Tour.
We are so happy to have kept our word, that we were going to come back soon.
We met in Viña del Mar two years ago in 2012.
"However, I wasn’t there" (Jungshin).

This time, we are going to Santiago! We can’t wait to meet more fans than we did last time.

¿When is it? We will hold our concert on January 31st at Movistar Arena (venue).We are working on making an awesome concert and totally looking forward to it, Rock and Roll!!

We love chile! We’ll meet soon in Chile!


[TRANS] YH: Hello Peru, hello guys, we are CNBLUE!
YH: Finally, we're going to Peru with our Blue Moon Tour, and this is our first visit!
JS: I dreamt of watching the stars at the top of Machu Pichu. I hope that dream can come true.
JH: Only imagining it makes us feel happy. You guys too right? Wow! i can hear your screams from here! 
JH: By the way, when is our concert? 
MH: The date is January 28th, and the venue is Estadio Monumental*. We are preparing a fantastic performance, so please wait till then!

Let's fill the Monumental!! WE LOVE YOU!!
This was CNBLUE

Translated by @rzrbladeromance and @CNBLUEPERU
Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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