BOICE Helping Hands Project Campaign with CNBLUEBEAT

BOICE helping hands.

A few areas in Malaysia especially Kuantan, Pahang are experiencing severe flood since weeks ago. 
Many housing area have been affected by the flood. 
The family victim have been transferred to nearby evacuation centers for safety. But the food supply and other daily necessity are still lacking. 

MYCNBB will collaborate with Yayasan salam to distributes food and others necessities to the flood victims.

So, come and help them to go through this tragedy by sending us your sincere donation. 

You can send your donations thru the following : 

MBB account 
Acct name : Norlee Husnafeza Ahmad
Acct number : 512101624550
Email :

Start date : 8 December 2013 End date : 21 December 2013

(Cash donations will be used to provide food and toiletry supplies for the flood victims)

You can donate any amount cause its maybe small to us but its big for those who really needed.

For further details, do contact us thru CNBLUEBEAT Official 

Thank you in advance for your support

Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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