[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Yonghwa wishes dream high to student who will take exam

@CNBLUE_4: 여러분!!!! 수능대박!!!!! 원하시는 대학교 모두 가실수있을겁니다!!! 그리고 여러분의 꿈을 높게!!! 드림하이~~~ 그런의미에서 ㅋㅋ드림하이 출연자분들과 한 컷 찍었습니다~~~~ 오늘 푹자고 내일 좋은 컨디션으로!!!!! 화이팅!!! 

@CNBLUE_4: Everyone!!!! Do well in your university admissions test!!!!! You are all able to go to your desired university!!! And everyone dream high!!! Dream high~~~ On that note ㅋㅋ took a photo with the cast of Dream High~~~~ Sleep well today, be in good condition tomorrow!!!!! Fighting!!!

Source from @CNBLUE_4
Translation by Tina D@CNBrunei
Re-posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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