[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Kang Minhyuk thanked the fans for the food support and asked them to look forward for the next episode of The Heirs.

@CNBLUE_4 안녕하세요 눈붓기 빼느라 열심히인 찬영이입니다. 팬분들이 많이 챙겨주시는 덕분에 촬영 스탭분들과 밥도 맛있게 먹었습니다! 응원도 해주시고 챙겨주시는데 자꾸 부어서 __/... 화면에 부어보이나! 안부어보이나! 이번주도 본방사수! 아, 저희 회사 연말공연도 기대해 주세요!

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4 It's the swollen eyes due to hard work, Chanyoung here. Thanks a lot for the food supports prepared for the filming crews, we ate the rice and enjoy it!Please keep cheering and support us __/... Watch out your screen! As regards to the broadcasting! This week too, the next episode! Oh, we also look forward to the end of the year! 

Source from @CNBLUE_4
Translated by @norleecious 
Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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