[TRANS] StarCast: Minhyuk’s Self-Investigation

1. Choose a character that is the closest to your actual ideal type?(multiple answer is allowed)

Choices: “MHGF” Bang Malsook, “IODD” Eun Chaeryeong, “The Heirs” Lee Bona, “The Heirs” Cha Eunsang, “YFFM” Han Heejoo.

Q: His ideal type usually stuck to actress Kim Taehee, shall we look at what kind of character that he like? He started his full-pledged acting career in movie ‘Acoustic’ in 2010, we asked about most personal question which role character that has attracted him the most.

Minhyuk: "The Heirs" Lee Bona

"At first sight, Bona look like self-centered and also you’d think that she behave like a spoiled child a lot. But she’s so honest that I want to fulfill what this person want to accomplished. Looking at Bona’s acting in the drama she look so cute, that makes me want to take care of her just like a little sister.”

2. Choose between Kang Minhyuk’s role piece of work that you want to be casted again.

Choices: ① SBS ‘It’s okay, Daddy Daughter’ ② KBS2 ‘My Husband Got a Family’ ③ MBC ‘You’ve Fallen for me’ ④ Movie ‘Acoustic’ (Bread Attack) ⑤ Other (…)

Q: Building up a combination between singer and actor, he had slowly entering the filmography industry, at this point shall we look at what his thought about his acting? SBS ‘The Heirs’ is his 5th piece of work that challenge him, we’re curious at what piece of work that has attached the most.

Minhyuk: Movie ‘Acoustic’

"The music captured our real story, I think many will agree."
At the movie premiere, Minhyuk said, “it remind me to a lot of memories back where we used to starve and learn drum in the basement. Our first original intention was music, it seems we’ve been going back to that time.”

3. From all of CNBLUE’s songs which song has attached you the most? (multiple answer is allowed)Choices:
① I’m a loner ② LOVE ③ Intuition ④ Hey you ⑤ I’m sorry ⑥ Feel good ⑦ Friday ⑧ etc (……)

Q: First time in 5 years after the group formed in 2009 in Japan, at the speed of light CNBLUE gave fresh air in the music industry among the idol-music. Having already secured their position as rock group at this point, we asked the song that goes to their heart content.

Minhyuk: ① I’m a loner & ⑤ I’m sorry

"Now that i can write ‘Self-exploring’, I think the reason I can take the role in ‘The Heirs’ is all because of ‘I’m Loner’ song. While ‘I’m sorry’ is my most favorite song out of Korea’s song (CNBLUE’s korea album)"

4. Next, fill in the blank. [ex: I’m (younger) than Yonghwa]
Q: Spend most of his time everyday with the member and with his recent drama, we throw this question to see a glimpse of his thought about his colleagues.

- I’m (more up-to-date) than Jung Yonghwa
- I (talk better) than Lee Jonghyun
- I (play game better) than Lee Jungshin
- I’m (more tanned) than Kim Woobin
- I’m (whiter) than Lee Minho

5. Please make 4 syllable poem for “Chanyoung-Bona”

Q: Being hooked in his recent drama filming, to him the characters name has a special meaning. To this we suggested to make 4 syllable poem of “Chanyoung-Bona”

(Cha) 찬: Chanyoung says (Chanyoungiga malhapnida:찬영이가 말합니다)
(Yeong) 영: Forever (Yeongwonhi:영원히)
(Bo) 보: Bona-ya (보나야)
(Na) 나: live with me.. (narang salja: 나랑 살자…)please gv lot of love for “The Heirs”..
[Chanyoung says, lets live together forever Bona-ya..]

6. Please fill in the blank.
These days Kang Minhyuk is filled with (…) thought.
Q: Having been so busy to ‘Human being Kang Minhyuk’ must have been struggling with a lot of thought. Wondering what’s the thing that these days has caught on Kang Minhyuk’s thought.

Minhyuk: These days Kang Minhyuk is filled with (interest/hobby) thought."The pitfall is I want to do a lot of things but I don’t have time!"
When asked what kind of hobby this time, he answered, “Shooting, swimming, golf, board and other various sports”.

Source by Naver and cnbminhyuk.tumblr
Translated by @Naraejoha
Posted by Shyra@cnbluebeat

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