[Video] Blue Moon World Tour in Manila Cam (Jonghyun)


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[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Kang Minhyuk gives a"present" before sleep


@CNBLUE_4: 여기 잠들기전 present!! 여러분 곧 올해 마지막 12월이네요 마지막까지 미래의선택 상속자들 저희 모든 공연까지 사랑해주세요~! 씨엔블루의 주옥같은 명곡들 주변사람들에게 선물하고 들려주세요! 너무 아끼는 베스트앨범이에요 많이 사랑해주세요 아! 참고로 저는 용화형 타입이더라구요ㅋㅋ굿나잇

@CNBLUE_4: Here's a "present" before you go to sleep!! Everyone soon it's going to be December, the end of this year. Please love MHIYD, The Heirs and all our concerts till the end~! CNBLUE's gem-like masterpiece (PRESENT) please let the people around you listen to it as a gift. Ah! FYI I'm Yonghwa Hyung typeㅋㅋ Good night
Source from @CNBLUE_4
Translation by @fizhasan
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[Twitter|Photo|Translation] 2-day Osaka Arena Tour has just finished

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@fncmusicjapan: アリーナツアー大阪城ホール公演、2Days無事終了しました!!皆様、応援ありがとうございました!次の公演は12月6日広島公演です。皆様、引き続き応援よろしくお願いいたします!

@fncmusicjapan: Arena Tour at Osaka Hall has been finished for 2 days. Everyone, thank you for your support. Next concert is Yokohama on 6 Dec. Everyone, please keep support us.

Source from @fncmusicjapan
Translated by @CNBMinhyuk
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[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Jungshin says he is feeling hungry after the concert


@CNBLUE_4: 끝! 오사카공연이 끝났습니다! 전 몹시배고픈상태..영혼없음ㅋ 여러분 우리 present앨범들어보셨나요? 빨리 한국에서도 앨범에 담긴 곡들을 들려드리고싶어요 빨리 그 기회를 만들어보도록 하겠습니다..present! 주위분들에게 많이 홍보해주세요! 좋은밤되세요 아그리고 전 홍기형타입ㅋ 

@CNBLUE_4: Done! Osaka concert has ended! I'm in terribly hungry state.. No soul ㅋ U guys have listened to our Present album, right? As soon as u wanna listen all our songs in Korea, we'll make that opportunity later..Present! Please promote it to all the people around u! Have a good night..ah and i'm Hongki-hyung's type ㅋ

Source form @CNBLUE_4
Translation by @norleecious
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[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Jung Yonghwa tweeted after Osaka Concert.


@CNBLUE_4 안녕하세요 용화예요! 헉 이거 누가 만든거지!???!??????????? 깜짝 놀랐어요....... 헉 ㅠ

[Trans] @CNBLUE_4: Hello, Yonghwa here! Erk who made this????? I'm so surprised.....erk ㅠ

@CNBLUE_4 전 오오사카 공연다녀왔습니다^^ 지금은 숙소예요 히히 여러분 드라마 본방사수하셨죠? 이제 일주일남았어요ㅠ 박상무 계속 응원해주세요! 그리고 감기조심 하세요~!!! Ps. 참고로 전 정용화 타입ㅎㅎ

[Trans] @CNBLUE_4: I just came back from Osaka concert^^ Now i'm in dorm hihi U guys already watched the broadcasted drama, rite? Now, only 1 week left ㅠ Please continue supporting Park Sangmu! And also, pls beware of cold~!!! Ps: This notes is typed by Yonghwa ㅎㅎ

Source from @CNBLUE_4
Translated by @norleecious
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The winners for the contest have been revealed! Congratulations to the winners who had guessed all four photos of CNBLUE members correctly. 


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[Video] CNBLUE 2013 JAPAN BEST ALBUM [PRESENT] TEASER Part 1 and Part 2.


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[Video] Cheongdamdong 111 CNBLUE cut


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[Line] [Photo] Jung Yonghwa's hands now revealed!


Finally, the last mysterious hands are revealed! It is the Leader Jung Yonghwa's. 

Does anyone guess all four photos right? :P

The photos revealed by CNBLUE members will be uploaded on 

Source from CNBLUE Official LINE
Screencaps by @cnblue_minhyeok
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[Weibo] [Photo] Lee Jonghyun's hands is now revealed!


CNBLUE WEIBO: 안녕하세요. 기타치는 종현입니다. 웨이보는 오랜만이네요ㅋㅋ 세번째 정답은 바로 저 입니다! 제 손인줄 다 알아보셨나요?ㅋ 마지막 정답인 용화형은 어디서 공개될까요??? 조금만 더 기다려주세요ㅋㅋ 이번 베스트 앨범도 많이 사랑해주시구요

Trans: Hello. This is guitarist Jonghyun. It has been a while since I posted in Weibo. keke the third hand is mine! Did you know that it was my hands? keke where will the last answer for Yonghwa hyung be revealed??? Please wait for a while keke Please give a lot of love to the "Best Album"

 Translated by @syapotter
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[News] [Photo] Lee Jungshin's hands is now revealed!


The second answer is now revealed on CNBLUE Official KakaoTalk! The hands in photo A belongs to our bassist, Lee Jungshin. 

Does anyone guess it right? 

The question now is
when and where will the next picture will be revealed? 

For more details, check out CNBLUE Official Facebook Page 


Source from CNBLUE Official KakaoTalk 
Screencaps by @cnblue_minhyeok

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[News] [Photo] Kang Minhyuk's hands now revealed!


@CN_FANCLUB 모두 맞추셨나요? 핑크색 꽃을 들고있는 꽃의 주인공은 바로 CNBLUE의 멋진 드러머 "민혁"군이었습니다. 어제 민혁군이 보낸 힌트가 도움이 되셨나요?? 그럼 다음 정답 공개까지 모두 SNS 채널에 집중!! 

[Trans] @CN_FANCLUB Have u put all together? Pink flowers with the flower's character is CNBLUE's coolest drummer "Minhyuk". Did MH's hint yesterday helps u?? Then, focus on SNS for all the correct answers!!

For more details, check out CNBLUE Official Facebook Page

Translated by @norleecios 
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[LINE|Photo|Translation] Guess who owns this beautiful hand?

운동중이라 얼굴은 감출게요… 이 고운 손과 닮은 사진은???? 손이 좀 까맣죠??ㅋㅋ
Translation: In the middle of exercising, so I’ll hide my face… The photo of these fine hands resemble???? Hands are a little dark right?? ㅋㅋ
Translation © Tina D for CNBRUNEI
운동중이라 얼굴은 감출게요… 이 고운 손과 닮은 사진은???? 손이 좀 까맣죠??ㅋㅋ
I'm exercising and hiding to hide my face... This looks like such a sweet hands and picture???? Hands a little black, rite??ㅋ ㅋ 

Source from CNBLUE Line (Kr)
Shared via CNBrunei
Translated by @norleecious
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[LINE|Photo|Translation] Minhyuk says Best Album is the best

Embedded image permalink
이 손이랑 닮은 사진은 누굴까요? 베스트 앨범!! 왜 베스트앨범이겠어!! 많이 사랑해주세요!!
Who's having this kind of hand in this picture? Best album!! Why is it the best album!! Much love!! 

 Source from LINE CNBLUE(Kr)
Shared via CNBrunei
Translated by @norleecious
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CNBLUE has prepared a special present, ‘JAPAN BEST ALBUM ~ PRESENT’ for you. Guess whose flowers are matching each flower and each member? We believe you can make it.
What you have to do : Observing photos from A to D carefully and guessing member's name of each flower. The answer will be revealed on 21th Nov via various SNS channel of CNBLUE. 
The winners who show us the right answer will be provided special ‘PRESENTS’ sent by CNBLUE.

For more details, check out CNBLUE Official Facebook Page and happy guessing :) 

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[Video] [Trans] MTV Idols of Asia Jung Yonghwa CUT


[Eng Trans] [MTV Idols of Asia] - YongHwa special interview 

YH: Hello everybody I am Yonghwa. Congratulation on the broadcast of Idols of Asia! Hope Ken Hyung (MC) promotes more of my new drama Future's Choice. Everyone can be updated on news of AOA too, please show your support, and continue to support CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa. Congratulation on broadcast! 

from 1:12 
MC: MTV Idols of Asia. Everybody, here comes the idol, let's welcome Jung Yonghwa! 

YH: Hello viewers of Taiwan MTV, I am Jung Yonghwa 

[Qn: Having double roles as singer and actor, how to find balance with life?] MC: Long time no see, really long time no see.. At this point of time, both roles are occuring simultaneously. One is singer of CNBLUE, another is actor. So how is the condition now? Do you feel life is hectic? 

YH: Recently, world tour is still going on, and drama filming at the same time. But because both are interesting, it's not tired. Instead I'm enjoying this situation. Because both are interesting, I feel happiness. 

[Qn: This year JYH came as CNBLUE for world tour, what is your impression of Taiwan?] 
MC: I still remember the last time CNBLUE came for world tour, they bursted the Taipei Arena (full house), everyone was very excited. So regarding the previous concert at Taipei, do you still have any impression? Since you have already been here for a few times. 

YH: Every performances in Taiwan was really fun. Fans shown much enthusiasm, so really thankful for that. Feel happiness everytime in Taiwan, hope to come Taiwan more often. 

[Qn: Acting needs to memorise lots of lines. Has memory becomes good because of that?] 
MC: Your memory must be good due to the many drama lines to memorise recently? 

YH: Memorising lines.... not the best, but not very bad either.. Just that the lines will be said out according to the scenarios. Rather than to memorise the lines word by word, I would say it is because the lines are being said in my style, so memorising lines are not that difficult. 

[Qn: Memorising drama lines or song lyrics, which is more difficult?] 
MC: To you, drama lines and song lyrics, which is easier or more difficult to memorise? 

YH: Both of them require to read and say out repeatedly, I can't say I am better in which one. Both of them are difficult. 

[Qn: Chinese tongue twister test] 
MC: Now we will do a simple test to test Yonghwa's chinese-speaking ability. Of course there is also memory test. 

YH: *trying out tongue twister* YH: It is difficult MC: This is really difficult. Change to a easier one. *chanting tongue twister* YH: it is the same as "kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang" (korean tongue twister) 

MC: let's test my memory. 

YH: *chanting korean tongue twister* 

MC: Actually I know "kan-jang-kong-jang" 

YH: "kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kang kong-jang-jang-ee-go" like this 

MC: "kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kang kong-jang-jang-ee-go, dwen-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kong kong-jang-jang-ee-da" (YH's OS bubble: you must be a korean!) 

YH: It is great! How do you know this? 

MC: This is the best korean i can say. 

YH: Really? Really talented. 

MC: Able to say it fast *kan-jang.......* sorry, in the end I am the one performing. 

MC: Do you want to try this? this is easier. 

YH: *chinese tongue twister* 

MC: wah, this is the most accurate I heard from all korean. 

YH: Really? Thank you thank you. 

MC: If it is read faster, it will be great. 

YH: Thank you 

[Qn: Next year, CNBLUE's documentary movie will be released in Japan. Please introduce it to Taiwan fans] 
MC: Next year in Japan will be releasing a documentary movie. Can you roughly introduce this movie, what is it about? 

YH: Taiwan world tour footage will be seen in the movie, many footage taken at the backstage will also be included. The most natural side of us can be seen, please look forward to the movie. 

[Qn: CNBLUE released a new song "Feel Good" for world tour?] 
MC: It is in the midst of world tour, and a new song Feel Good has been released. Can you introduce this song to us? 

YH: Feel Good is a co-produced song with Samsung Galaxy, combined with the intro melody of the theme song "Over The Horizon". Hope to convey the message of enjoying your life. 

MC: That's right, there are many people who like this style or vibe of CNBLUE. So we hope and look forward to having this awesome concert tour in Taiwan again and to listen to this song LIVE. 

YH: It was a pity that this song was not performed here. We will definitely sing this song next time in Taiwan. 

[Qn: Other than busying over world tour, also in the midst of filming a new drama Future's Choice?] 
MC: This time round, it is world tour and Future's Choice drama filming happening at the same time. Can you introduce us what kind of a drama is this? 

YH: Basically this drama is talking about the main lead travelled from the future to present by time machine, hoping to change the present, thus many things happened. In the drama I act as the grandson of the owner of a media group. Everyone please support as this is an interesting drama. Look forward to it. 

[Qn: The feeling of acting as a chaebol (rich man) in Future's Choice?] 
MC: So this is a time travelling drama. So, acting as a chaebol, it should be.. not an easy task? 

YH: This is a role acting exactly as myself, really suitable. just joking. Rather than saying having a hard time filming, I would say it is happy filming, I am striving hard to be engaged in it. I should fit this role well. (HAHAHA!) 

[Qn: What other different kinds of roles you want to challenge in the future?] 
MC: It seems like you are getting better in filming of this drama. Is there any dream role you wish to take up, what kind of genre of drama you want to act in? 

YH: Rather than saying which role I am suitable for, I would say to find a role which is similar to my personality. So I am satisfied about the roles I have up till now. Because of the similarities with the role in drama, I hope to finish the filming happily. This is a role which I have always been wanting to take up, the role of a chaebol. It is really fun this time to have my wish granted. As for what kind of role I wish to act next time, I would like to try any kinds of role, there is not a particular type I want, I wish to challenge all. 

[Qn: There are a lot of scenes with Yoo Eun Hye, what is the feeling of working with her?] 
MC: This time it is a drama with YEH, so what is the feeling of working with this sunbae (senior) for the first time? 

YH: Firstly, the atmosphere at filming set was great, actors/actresses, directors and writers, everyone gets along well. So I feel happiness, and the filming process is also fun. 

[Qn: Having a double role of CNBLUE and actor at the same time, how do you balance or adjust your emotions?] 
MC: Since you are doing both world tour and acting simultaneously, so i would like to know for you, as Jung YongHwa, what kind of method you use to relief yourself if you are being pressurized, or when workload is increased. Is there anything you want to do to relieve yourself? 

YH: Because fans have always been supporting and cheering for us, this is the greatest comfort to us. When really tired out, will try to find time to rest. Because there is not much time for exercising, so will try to sleep as much as possible. 

[Qn: As work is so hectic, how do you arrange time for composing songs?] 
MC: At this period when work is so hectic, so it should be impossible to compose songs? 

YH: As long as there is a break, I will rest and also compose in the working room. Because there will be a CNBLUE album coming up, I will buck up on composing when I have time. 

[Qn: Although CNBLUE members are busy with their own schedule, can you reveal the future plans to Taiwan Boice?] 
MC: CNBLUE members are now all busy with their own schedules, so can you reveal to all the Boice, is there any new plans in work in the near future? YH: Other than me, Minhyuk is also filming drama, we are bucking up and hope next year CNBLUE can comeback in the music industry. When we are done preparing, we will release our latest album right away. We have always been preparing, please wait for awhile more. We are expecting to comeback with an really awesome album for everyone, please look forward. 

MC: So we know next year they will comeback, thus let's us all look forward to both dramas and CNBLUE which will bring us more awesome projects in the future. 

YH: yes yes that's right. 

MC: We are very happy that in the midst of his hectic schedule, Yonghwa still makes an appearance in our Idols of Asia. So, on behalf of all Boice, I wish you good health, and all the best for drama. 

YH: Really thankful, hope everyone can support my new drama, and support CNBLUE. I will also do my best to meet everyone as soon as possible, thank you. 

MC: thank you for coming "Wo Ai Ou Xiang" (Idols of Asia in chinese) 

YH: Ou xiang~ (Idol in chinese) 

Video from TsenCNB@youtube
Translation by: @sgboices4cnblue 
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[Video] Cheongdamdong 111 : Highlights


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[Media pic] 131118 Press Conference for Cheongdamdong 111

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Embedded image permalink

Original source from Top Star News
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[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Kang Minhyuk thanked the fans for the food support and asked them to look forward for the next episode of The Heirs.


@CNBLUE_4 안녕하세요 눈붓기 빼느라 열심히인 찬영이입니다. 팬분들이 많이 챙겨주시는 덕분에 촬영 스탭분들과 밥도 맛있게 먹었습니다! 응원도 해주시고 챙겨주시는데 자꾸 부어서 __/... 화면에 부어보이나! 안부어보이나! 이번주도 본방사수! 아, 저희 회사 연말공연도 기대해 주세요!

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4 It's the swollen eyes due to hard work, Chanyoung here. Thanks a lot for the food supports prepared for the filming crews, we ate the rice and enjoy it!Please keep cheering and support us __/... Watch out your screen! As regards to the broadcasting! This week too, the next episode! Oh, we also look forward to the end of the year! 

Source from @CNBLUE_4
Translated by @norleecious 
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[Description|Translation] Cheongdamdong 111: CNBLUE Profile

‘용의원’ 정용화 (25세)

‘용의원’ 정용화 (25세)

소속 : 씨엔블루 / 리더, 메인보컬, 기타
성격 : 절대 모범생 

대표의 자랑스러운 오른팔 용화! 그의 자리는 언제나 대표의 오른쪽이다. 
FNC 내 솔선수범의 아이콘, 용화는 언제나 인사성이 바르고, 
악수하기를 좋아해서 ‘용의원’이라는 별명을 가지고 있다.

씨엔블루 멤버들에게 형으로서의 카리스마를 발휘하는 용화는 
연습생들과 직원들 사이에서는 부동의 인기투표 1위를 할 만큼 
따뜻함의 아이콘으로 불린다. 

작사, 작곡, 노래에 연기까지! 못하는 것 없는 용화는 다재 다능, 

팔방미인 캐릭터로 모두에게 부러움의 대상이 되고 있다

'Politician Yong' Jung Yong Hwa (25 years old)
Profile: CNBLUE / Leader, Lead Voal, Guitarist
Personality: Absolute Role Model Student

Jung Yong Hwa - The proud right hand man of the representative! His position is always on the right of the representative. The icon who set an example in FNC, Yong Hwa is courteous to people at all times, thus earning the nickname of "Politician Yong" as he likes to shake hands. 

For CNBLUE members, Yong Hwa being the big brother & showing leadership capability, has an unshaken popularity no. 1 position among trainees & staffs, hence, being known as the symbol of warmth. Lyricist, Composer, Singing to Acting! The omnipotent Yong Hwa became an object of envy to all with his multi-talented, and good-looking image. 

‘부산 사나이’ 이종현 (24세)

‘부산 사나이’ 이종현 (24세)

소속 : 씨엔블루 / 보컬, 기타
성격 : 전형적인 경상도 남자 

느낌 있는 외모로 카리스마 넘치는 분위기를 풍긴다.
하지만 상경 7년차임에도 여전히 고쳐지지 않은 부산 사투리로
여전히 서울 생활 적응 중인 반전 캐릭터. 

낯간지러운 것 싫어하고, 훈훈한 분위기 어색해하는 경상도 사나이! 
음악만큼 운동을 사랑하는 '음악 하는 체육인'종현은 
하나에 꽂히면 끝을 봐야 하는 남자 중의 남자!

언제 어디서든 기타를 놓지 않는 가장 열심히 하는 연습벌레이다

'Busan Man', Lee Jong Hyun (24 years old)
 Profile: CNBLUE/ Vocal, Guitar
Personality: Typical Gyeongsangdo Man

 The charismatic feels by only looking at his appearance. But despite living in Seoul for 7 years, he still trying to fix his Busan satoori. 
He don't want to look old fashioned. This heartwarming man is sometime still feeling awkward. He loves music as much as he loves exercise. To JH, 'music is like a 6-pax', once a man did something, he must end it like a man! 
Anytime and anywhere, he will try hard to practice his guitar skills.

'승부욕’ 강민혁 (23세)

'승부욕’ 강민혁 (23세)
소속 : 씨엔블루 / 드럼
성격 : 평소 차분하지만 승부 앞에서는 불타는 승부욕의 소유자. 

평소, 숙소에서는 말없이 잔일을 도맡아 하는 씨엔블루의 살림꾼. 

하지만 승부 앞에서 돌변하는 민혁은 ‘미친 승부욕의 대명사’로 불린다. 
못하는 게임이 없는 게임신동이며, 특히 구기 종목을 잘 한다. 

FNC 여자들이 뽑은 비주얼 갑으로, 
등장과 동시에 여직원들의 마음을 흔들어 놓는 회사 내 ‘공식 훈남’으로 통한다

Game Addict, Kang Minhyuk (23 years old) 
Profile : CNBLUE/ Drum
Personality: Usually calm but fighting spirit when comes to game

In charged in house chores, accommodation, a silent dorm-mate and CNBLUE's "살림꼰". 
However MH is called as "crazy fighting spirit" when it comes to games. Not only he's a games prodigy, he's also good at ball sports. 
Differs from the visuals of FNC girls. His appearance at the same time shakes the hearts of female employees within the company and named as "official lead man" by the girls.

‘감정신’ 이정신 (23세)

‘감정신’ 이정신 (23세)
소속 : 씨엔블루 / 베이스, 랩
성격 : 밝은 성격으로 그룹 내 분위기 메이커 

FNC 최장신 멤버로, 지금도 여전히 키가 크고 있는 성장 아이돌. 
바쁜 멤버들을 가장 알뜰살뜰하게 챙기며 정신표 특제 ‘된장찌개’를 끓이는 등 
막내 역할을 톡톡히 하고 있다. 

씨엔블루 내에서는 귀여운(!) 막내지만 
드라마 속에서는 뛰어난 감정연기를 선보여 그룹 내에서 ‘감정신’불리기도 했으며 
패션에 관심이 많아 패션 아이템을 직접 디자인하기도 하는 등 멀티 플레이어로 활약하고 있다

Emotional, Lee Jungshin (23 years old)
Profile: CNBLUE/ Bass, Rap
Personality: Mood maker in the group with a bright personality

As a member of the longest legs in FNC and still grows-in-tall idol. One of the most busy member in charge in buying groceries, cook his speciality "miso stew", a maknae that has a good deeds. 
CNBLUE cute maknae (!) who's showing an emotional acting in drama. He's called by name 'Kamjungshin'(emotional)' among members. Have big interest in fashion, designing his own fashion items and he's also a multi player.

Translated by @norleecious, @Wintercherub and Ida J@cnbluebeat
Posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat
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