[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Minhyuk received a present?

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@CNBLUE_4: 갤럭시노트3 선물받은 인증샷! 인도네시아 처음 온 기념샷 ! 씨엔블루 공연, 드라마 모두 잘 되라고 다함께 들이켜~ 원샷! 내일 공연장에서 봐요! p.s 용화형 정신이 깨알샷?!
@CNBLUE_4: Taking shot with a gift we received from Galaxy Note 3! First memorial shot in Indonesia! Together lets watch and listen well to CNBLUE concert, drama~ one shot! Take a look at tomorrow's venues! P.s YH-hyung, JS more shots?!
Source by @CNBLUE_4
Translation by @norleecious
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