[Original + Translation Tweet] Jungshin asks Boice Indonesia to wait

하이 정신입니다 호호 여러분 미래의 선택 보셨나요? 당연히 보셨겠지만 "미선"이 대박날 것 같습니다~ 상속자들도 많이 응원해주시구요~! 그리고 곧! 저희CNBLUE 자카르타 콘서트! 인도네시아 보이스분들 조금
만 더 기다려 주세요~ (대표님차안에서 한컷!) 굿모닝~

[Trans] @CNBLUE_4: Hye Jungshin here. Hoho. Have u guys watched MHIYD? But of course, the "mission" seems ended a great day~ Please cheers a lot for The Heirs too~! And soon! Our CNBLUE Jakarta concert! Stay tuned to the voice of Indonesia (first shoot in the President's car!) Good morning ~

Original tweet by CNBLUE_4
Translation by @norleecious
Posted by Ida J@cnbluebeat

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