[TRANS] CNBLUE Excite Interview - What are you into now?

What are you into now?

Lee Jong Hyun (Guitar&Vocal): Practice of performance, Snowboard

Lately we have some concerts, so I practice performance. We just ended concerts in Korea, and we are going to hold release event (in Japan) (as of 23 December 2012). We are preparing to unveil new songs live, too. As for my private time, I’m into snowboard now. I didn’t like it very much. I just started and don’t know well yet, though… Now it is a hobby of all of us members. I want to become skilled soon, so I want to go buy a good set (of tools).

Kang Min Hyuk (Drums): Snowboard, Drum pad

I guess all of us are the same because we live together, but I’m into snowboard now. YongHwa-oniisan has done snowboard for a long time, and he’s great at it. Because he taught us, I came to like it. In 2012, we went snowboarding on 1 January all together, but we have never been there since that time. Other than that, I’m learning drum pad that I used at BLUE NIGHT concert in Korea. Although I practice, it’s difficult… I have already learned how to use the instrument, but I’m not sure where I should use it in songs… It is difficult.

Jung Yong Hwa (Guitar&Vocal): Anime “The Simpsons”, Drama “The Walking Dead”

Although I have liked animation “The Simpsons” for a long time, but it is still aired now. I found it by chance and started watching, and now I’m into it again. One story per broadcast. The story is so unique and I can hardly understand. I found it funny because of that. Also, I’m fond of zombie drama “The Walking Dead”. It is higher quality than zombie movies and very funny. Since MinHyuk recommended it to me, I started watching.

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