[NEWS] CNBLUE "Lee Jung Shin" wants to be under the spotlight


Recently, CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin revealed his desire to receive a single spotlight.

In January 25’s airing of KBS 2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, the band CNBlue which is also famous for having great actors appeared as guests.

Lee Jung Shin who complained for not having enough spotlights because of the lead vocalist Jung Yong Hwa, whined, “It’s always like the camera capture us as a whole group or just him. I give my best in playing as well, but they don’t seem to realize it and put me in a single scene.”

He also confessed, “So for the performances after that, I wanted to be noticed so I added something.” What he meant was that he sang extra words at the end of Jung’s line such as “Oh” and “Ha-ah” in attempt to maximize his sense of existence.

About being dearly loved by viewers through the drama series My Daughter Seo Young which achieved 40% of the viewer ratings recently, he said, “There’s nothing I’ve done. I’m simply happy to be a part of the series.”

Besides CNBlue, the episode also featured Lee Byung Woo and Lee Jeok as special guests.

Source : TVreport
News Credit : korea.com
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