[PROJECT] Selling Album for Fund-Raising Project For BLUE NIGHT in Seoul.

Hello BOICE!

We will be selling album for our fund-raising project for CNBLUE's "2012 CNBLUE LIVE BLUE NIGHT IN SEOUL". As you all know, we will be sending rice wreath during the concert. The rice will be donated to poor people and hungry kids.
Profit from album sales will be use for our project. We hope you guys will support us!

Here are the list of album we're going to sell:

1. CNBLUE - CODE NAME BLUE (Normal Edition) RM155
3. CNBLUE - EAR FUN (Special Limited Edition) RM110
4. CNBLUE - Zepp Tour 2011 RE-MAINTENANCE @ Zepp Tokyo RM125
5. CNBLUE - 2nd Single Release Live Tour -Listen To The CNBLUE RM125
6. CNBLUE - 1st Album FIRST STEP RM65
7. CNBLUE - Mini Album Vol.3 - EAR FUN RM65
8. CNBLUE - Come On (Normal Edition) RM75
9. CNBLUE - Come On (Limited Edition) (CD+DVD+Photobook) RM125
10. CNBLUE - MTV Unplugged (Normal Edition)(Japan Version) RM165
11. CNBLUE - MTV Unplugged (DVD+CD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version) RM195
12. CNBLUE - Winter Tour 2011 - Here, In my head - at Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Japan Version) RM175
13. CNBLUE - Voice RM95
14. CNBLUE - Where you are (SINGLE+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version) RM115
15. CNBLUE - Where you are (Normal Edition) (Japan Version) RM75
16. CNBLUE - 2nd Album Release Live ~392~@ YOKOHAMA ARENA (Japan Version) DVD RM110
17. CNBLUE - In My Head (Single DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) RM125
18. CNBLUE - In My Head (Normal Edition) RM70
19. CNBLUE - I DON'T KNOW WHY (Japan Version) RM60
20. CNBLUE - 2013 Season Greeting RM140
21. CNBLUE - Blue Storm Live Concert RM115
22. CNBLUE - Robot (Normal Edition) RM75
23. CNBLUE - Robot (First Press Limited Edition) RM100
(All price stated including shipping and postage)

We also accept any amount of donation.

How to order/donate?

1. Make your payment/donation at this account:


And you're done.

Any questions regarding this project, you can email us at cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com.
Closing date for this project is on Monday 10/12.

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