[Photo]-Malaysian Boice Event:Jungshin Birthday Bash & Banner project

Sorry for late update.
As usual, the party was awesome..^^. This is last birthday celebration for this year.
We celebrated at TGI Friday One Utama on 22/9/12, collaborate with Primadonna Malaysia.
After that, some of us continue fangirling mode at One World Hotel.
Enjoy the pictures below.


Of course, we will sent something to our boy. Special thanks to Sarifah Sanusi, she prepared
photobook together with birthday card for Jungshin.

Second, our project "From Seoul to Malaysia" completed!!Thanks a lot for those who participated with this project. We really hope this project can bring the boys here, Malaysia!

This banner will pass to FNC together with some gift to them. Pray hard for them to come here ya.^^

Some pic from banner project event.Enjoy!

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[Videos | Eng Subs] KBS Weekend Drama My Husband Got a Family


Alternative Titles: My Husband Got Family/You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly

Total Episodes: 58

Status: Finish

Genres: romance, family

Kim Nam Joo plays Hong Yun Hee, an ambitious career woman who meets and falls in love with a perfect doctor , Bang Gwi Nam (played by Yoo Joon Sang), and then the two marry. Bang Gwi Nam is an orphan who then adopted. He’s a great general surgeon who graduated from prestigious John Hopkins Medical University. He has good looks, romantic and humorous personality. He looks perfect at first sight but sometimes he shows small slips here and there but that’s also his attractiveness. After the couple marry, the real marriage life shocks Hong Yun Hee, moreover her interaction with her odd in-laws. 
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