TVXQ's Max Changmin Mention CNBLUE's Members In His Thanks To


TVXQ's Max Changmin mentioned CNBLUE's members in his "Thanks To" for TVXQ latest album "Catch Me".

Kyuline representative, Cho KyuHyun! Yes I am yours LOL. Kyuflower (*word ply on sunflower) Choi Min Ho who always seeks Cho KyuHyun’s affection, the ever lonely guitarist Lee JongHyun, Lee TaeMin who has lots of thoughts, curiosity, and concerns, the really kind JooHyun, kind ffanyffany Tiffany, Victoria who speaks better Korean than me, alcohol monster Jung YongHwa, kind Min Hyuk who makes me feel like seeing a younger version of myself, cute Jung Shin, our precious colleagues, sunbaes, hubaes, friends that I couldn’t write all ^^  (Unrelated parts are omitted) 
P/s : I think what he really meant with "alcohol monster Jung Yong Hwa" is Yonghwa can drink better than him :)

English Translations by Fuzzybunny

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