[Twitter|Photo|Trans] CNBLUE's Leader and Magnae Twitter Updates


첫 시상이라 너무떨려요 2부오프닝공연과 시상도 남았으니까 기대해주세요!
As the 1st award presenter.. Very nervous. Please wait for another award presenting and the opening of part 2..  

아 정신아! 니가 뭔데 트위터 먼저하는데~~ 내가할려고 사진다찍어놨는데 형이 너 촬영할때 맛있는거 사서 응원갈께ㅋㅋ3일인가??

Aaa Jungshin ah~why must you tweet first?I already took photo.For your filming hyung will bring delicious foods kk it's on the 3rd,rite?

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